Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blogger slams KC Star for giving front page space to Jason Whitlock

Tony Botello is not impressed that Jason Whitlock is on the front page of the Kansas City Star.

"... Whitlock's opinion on the front page in a news section signals either surrender or suicide from The Star when it comes to journalistic integrity or credibility. This cynical ploy to garner renewed interest in the dying daily paper puts The Star on a level playing field with every Internet publisher and blogger who also sees opportunity in a divisive racial struggle. Today, The Star continues their downward spiral and lowers the overall quality of news in Kansas City."

Tony adds:
"I wish I could take more credit for their demise, but they're literally destroying themselves."

Race-baiting Whitlock demeans every platform he is given.


Anonymous said...

Damn, one unabashed racist calling another unabashed racist, for being a racist.

Anonymous said...

McClatchy is getting ever closer to the $50 million market cap. If the stock falls below 60 cents they will be back on the timeline for de-listing. I guess all of that switching of B stock for A stock made no difference.