Thursday, June 25, 2009

McClatchy newspaper in South Carolina scores "highest web traffic ever" after scoop

Exclusive info on the affair involving GOP Governor Sanford was a big boon for The State:

The State of Columbia, S.C., scored its highest Web traffic day ever on Wednesday after getting the first interview with Gov. Mark Sanford about his bizarre trip to Argentina. The paper then drew more site visits when it revealed e-mails between the governor and his mistress.

"For a single day, absolutely, this was the most," said Gary Ward, managing editor/online. "It was played up on [outside] media and with a lot of links."

The Web
site had 1.7 million page views for Wednesday, the highest since it launched in 1995. Ward said that was a 447% increase over the same day in 2008. He added that the site received 744,401 visits, a 1008% increase over the same day last year.

"We had the e-mails, too," said Ward. "That was an exclusive for us and everyone was linking to that." He credited The Drudge Report for drawing at least 400,000 hits to the site, while a New York Times Web site link added 19,000.

Drudge is still king -- notice the Drudge link resulted in 400,000 hits and the New York Times link resulted in 19,000 hits. Maybe some day I'll get a Drudge link.



Anonymous said...

Are those hits enough to get back those 6 jobs 'The State' cut on Monday?

Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

It's like the idiot stock guy who professed that McClatchy turned the corner when they hit .90 cents.

One day’s web traffic doe not take them out of chapter 11 sights

Anonymous said...

The same day, a relatively lightweight story about a "miracle" got more unique visitors and page views for the Wichita Eagle than all of the State's Sanford coverage. A "real" story got trumped by what many consider a myth.