Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why newspapers should stop blaming Google for their woes

Andy Beal is tired of newspaper people blaming Google for their struggles.

As a publisher, you’re placing your content on your web site, right? If you didn’t want your online content to cannibalize your printed daily offering, why post it to the web? Oh, I see. You have to, because that’s where people prefer to get their news these days. OK, you want people to find your news story and not your rivals’ right? How are you going to do that? Hmm, seems like there’s one channel that hundreds of millions of people use to find new content each day? Do you remember the name of that place? Ah, yes, Google!

OK, you get my point, so I’ll stop the sarcasm and get back to the facts.

People want to read news online. They don’t want to pay for it. They use Google. Google sends you the bulk of your daily web site visitors. Either figure out how to monitize those visitors–like the rest of the world–or block Google via your robots.txt file and shut up!

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Anonymous said...

Google, Craigslist, so many meanies out there to just spoil things. Back in the day, these interlopers were beat down everyday in the press until they got the hell out of town. What happened to our clot, our dominance, our jobs?

Calling on Pruitt and his Rolling Stones collection-


So you wanna blow us all to pieces
Go meet your maker, head hung down
And give him all your explanations
Go ahead, throw down
Back to zero, back to nothing
Straight to meltdown, back to zero
That's where we're heading

We're going nowhere
Right now, right now
Back to zero, that's where we're heading
Back to zero

Anonymous said...

Notice our McClatchy fanboyz don't want to touch this little topic.

Anonymous said...

Leave them alone. All libs must blame someone else but themselves. It's just their way.

Melanie, chime in about that amorphous economy anytime!