Saturday, July 11, 2009

Charlotte Observer also hiring advertising sales rep

Wow, could the Charlotte Observer be in a growth mode?! Earlier I posted news the Observer is advertising for a warehouse worker; I just found out they are also hiring an Advertising Sales Rep.

The Advertising Sales Representative position is responsible responsible for growing revenue from an existing base of accounts as well as from new accounts acquired through prospecting. Responsible for handling all aspects of the sale, from initial sale, processing orders and resolving credit issues. This individual must also generate new business by selling the full product line including print, online, preprints, direct mail etc. to clients. The National Sales Representative is also responsible for placing a significant amount of transient ads.

The Advertising Sales Representative candidiate would be well-organized, operate independently and be able to manage a large volume of accounts. Candidates must also be able to plan their work months in advance and most importantly close a sale. Familiarity working with ad agencies a plus. The candidate for this position will have excellent communication skills with customers due to the high level of contact with The Charlotte Observer customers and work well under pressure.


High School Education and College Degree Preferred. Proposal writing experience and presentation skills are a must. Great communications shills required due to high level of contact with customers.
Compensation is listed as "base salary plus commission."

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Anonymous said...

This is so exciting! MNI might make it back to it's .50 cent firewall!

hope and change in action!

McClatchy Watch said...

11:09 heh

Anonymous said...

Advertising sales reps experience a really high churn rate. It is not surprising that they would be hiring. They are always hiring because there are always people leaving these types of jobs.

If they didn't hire replacements on a regular basis, there would no longer be anyone remaining.

Anonymous said...

Main question to ask is: why have there been high churn rates for Advertising Sales positions, even prior to the downfall of the Titanic McClatchy ship.- I especially loved the part where they are asking the potential candidate to be organized to work months in advance- LOL. Advertising Directors and Managers can barely make it through the day let alone have the skill to help make their employees succeed in planning that far out in advance. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

3:50- it's nice to here that other papers also have morons working in advertising. yet, at our paper, they aren't the ones laid off. they are the ones who make the entire process of ad sales- to placement-to news- to print job nearly impossible...yet, the golden children won't so much as hear of getting kicked to the curb...even though one moderately intelligent person could do the work that 20 of the imbeciles do now. it's truly pathetic.