Sunday, July 5, 2009

Miami Herald blog aggregator page still struggling?

Last month the Miami Herald launched a blog aggregator page on its web site. The new page includes 280 participating blogs.

So how is it working out so far?

One blogger says it has barely driven any traffic to his blog.

Bill, the publisher of Random Pixels, one of the blogs on the Herald's aggregator page, says it has hardly improved his traffic:

Truth be told, neither the Sun-Sentinel's blog roll nor the Herald's aggregator have sent any traffic to my blog

Bill says has learned that the Sun Sentinel just added a feature at the end of their stories that includes links to other blogs and newspaper with similar stories. The new feature seems to be sending some traffic his way, he says.

Well, good.

But the more interesting question is whether the blog aggregator page sends any traffic to the Herald's site.

Click here to see the aggregator page.


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Anonymous said...

Fidel Castro reports however that it has been a Vladimirsend for their intelligence agency news service. He says, "Thanks Commrades!"