Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday July 13 -- Got news or an update?

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Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Sounds of a different drumbeat? Not likely! However, not every newspaper's journos are staying blind to the liberal’s propaganda machine. Maybe there is Hope for Change in the media. They might just give honesty a chance, or maybe not!
SEE: *“The court’s liberal members were so caught up in defending an ugly racial spoils system”

-Still wrong on race-
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
by Bradley R. Gitz

The most distressing thing about the now infamous Ricci case is that four Supreme Court justices effectively endorsed the racism that led the city of New Haven, Conn., to deny promotions to 17 firefighters because of the color of their skin. *[The court’s liberal members were so caught up in defending an ugly racial spoils system] that they failed to recognize the extent to which it directly conflicts with the plain language of the Constitution that they are sworn to uphold; more precisely, its 14th Amendment requiring "equal protection of the laws."

Anonymous said...

The MSM doppelgangers will never change. Even as they face extinction, they babble on in their smears against others, instead of being honest about their ‘royal’ mistake.

Anonymous said...

“every Observer writer wants to be a novelist…” - Writing fiction is their forte, we know that already.
NYO boss: Gawker wouldn't exist if we were doing our jobs right
New York Magazine

New York Observer owner Jared Kushner recently told his staff that former editor Peter Kaplan "is a classy guy, but he's old-school," and that "if we were doing our jobs right, Gawker wouldn't have a reason to exist." He added that ["every Observer writer wants to be a novelist. But we need to be deliberate about when we are short and when we are long."] Kushner tells Gabriel Sherman that "I didn't expect the public side of this [job]. And I didn't expect to be walking into this at the worst time to be buying newspapers."
Via Poynter Online

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:28 quoted, “defending an ugly racial spoils system”
That’s calling a spade, a spade, in plain language. Jesse Jackson, the shakedown artist, wrote the book on keeping the downtrodden myth alive. The elected officials chose to discriminate against the white firefighters rather than use the test results as they were intended. How many times has that happened? That is the tyranny of the left, choosing people’s rights based on color, not competence. Are we back to square one? Is this the ’Change’ The Bam promised?
I am glad Ricci had the brass to confront these spineless, liberal buggers.

Anonymous said...

“pageview bonuses - paying tipsters” - one online journalism model may be taking shape?
Checkbook journalism
Nieman Journalism Lab

Gawker Media's ad revenue in the first half of 2009 was up 35%, reports Nick Denton. He's restoring pageview bonuses for writers, and considering paying tipsters for the pageviews generated by posts based on their tips. "Media ethicists will decry that practice, and Denton won't care," writes Zachary Seward.

Anonymous said...

Despite Obama's attempts to rewrite history and accept Russia's views on the end of the cold war, his poll numbers continue to drop.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 28% of the nation's voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-six percent (36%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of –8.

Anonymous said...

The Guild is looking after your interests, pay those union dues, yessiree! We’ll stick it to the man for you!
"No one saw this coming," Claremont newsman says of paper's closing
Manchester Union Leader
"It was shocking," says Patrick O'Grady, who worked at the Claremont (NH) Eagle Times for 15 years. "We all knew the industry is in change right now, with the Internet and poor advertising, but no one knew this was about to happen." The paper filed for bankruptcy on Friday after publishing its final edition

July 2007
Members of the Manchester Newspaper Guild, the largest bargaining unit at the Union Leader Corp., have ratified a four-year contract that provides 3.75 percent in raises over the next two years and a $1,500 signing bonus for full-time, Guild-covered workers at The New Hampshire Union Leader.(Manchester)

Anonymous said...

He is still better than McCain/Palin would've ever been. The lesser of 2 evils won in November.

Anonymous said...

Totus Commits Midspeech Seppuku!

Anonymous said...

So, after 42 years of loyal service at the charlotte observer, my job was "eliminated" on May 29, 2009.
The "HR generalist" said my promised severance check would be mailed June 23. Monday, June 29, it had not arrived.
I called. HR generalist was nowhere to be found, "in another state". New HR VP doesn't
know anything about it. Payroll doesn't know anything about it. Nobody knows anything about it.

June 30 (Tues) HR generalist calls. She has had family issues out of town. 'Nobody does these things when she's not there.' (Sound familiar?) She will process it right away. Said she would Fedex it overnight.

So, no check July 1 (Wed). I called my former supervisor at 6 PM and told him to get it
straightened out. He said he would check first thing in the morning (Thursday) because HR generalist was already gone for the day.
OK, so I heard he got in about 10:00 Thurs. At noon he called me and said it was on the way, yadda, yadda, yadda.
12:15 the mailman comes with a certified letter which had to be signed for.
Great! I thought. When I opened it up, no check. Just another copy of the same paperwork I signed and already have a copy of!
So I call supervisor again. He will look into it. In a little while he calls back.
They sent the paperwork certified mail. (DUH!)
They sent the check FedEx overnight, but it got down to the mailroom too late and it didn't go out Tuesday, it went out
Wednesday. It will be here by 3:00 today.
I told him if it wasn't here by 3 I was calling ann caulkins (publisher).
About 3:15 it arrived on FedEx- no signature required! I went straight to the bank.
Hope it clears.
July 13 I still haven't received the promised letter stating that my job was eliminated, so that I could tell prospective employers I wasn't fired for no reason. I call HR generalist back, and she promises to mail it right away. Wonder when that will arrive?
What a fine company I have been fired from!