Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The News Tribune (Tacoma) is hiring a major accounts manager

They're looking for a major accounts manager at The News Tribune.


The News Tribune is seeking a highly-motivated Major Accounts Manager to direct advertising sales teams using best methods to generate new business and provide excellent service for existing advertisers. We are looking for someone who can lead through innovation and creativity, helping to achieve all budgeted revenue and content objectives.

The News Tribune is part of the McClatchy Company, which is a leading newspaper and Internet publisher. Our salary and benefit packages are competitive and reflect the McClathcy family history of valuing employees.


Achieve budgeted revenues. Manage sales and support staffs to effectively meet revenue and production goals. Maintain existing customer relationships and increase customer base. Be a leader in innovation. Confer with the Advertising Sales Manager on campaigns, rating programs, and sales programs to increase advertising revenue. Work with account managers, monitor and analyze sales results of the sales staff and teams to ensure revenue goals are achieved. Be able to effectively budget and forecast all applicable revenue and expenses. Set monthly sales goals with supervisors and account executives in a timely manner. Create creative, innovative sales programs, quarterly, monthly and yearly all designed to achieve sales goals. Other duties that may be assigned.

At least five years experience in direct newspaper advertising management. College degree preferred. Must have experience working with large major accounts; revenue-based contracts; numbers with lots of zeros in them and strong negotiating skills. Experience in both classified and retail advertising; on-line - Internet and computer skills are all pluses.

Base pay is $57,000 - $81,000 a year.

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Anonymous said...

Major Accounts Manager? Ahem, Senior Telemarketer or Cold Caller in Charge.

Jay Fredrickson said...

I worked for this company and at one time, less than 13 months ago, had this position report to me. I'd caution anyone to learn as much as possible about the position before making the leap. This newspaper still doesn't have ads on page 3A or the back page of the A section. Most of the stories jump from 1A to the back page, thereby ensuring that many, many readers never even open the A section.
Macy's told me that they'd increase their schedule, spend another $200,000 per year with us, if we'd make the back page or page 3 available. The VP of Advertising at the time, and currently, refused to push this up the ladder to make it happen. He'd rather fire people than do what's right by the largest advertiser at the paper.
Be very careful if you are thinking about joining this newspaper, you'll get absolutely no support from the VP of Advertising, just constant criticism and back-stabbing.

Anonymous said...

I work for this company now and know some of these folks involved. I agree with Jay F as far as the lack of professionalism in management and this department overall.

Anonymous said...

MNI is hiring a lot of sales people. Are these new positions, are they replacing people who quit or has there been a purge?

Anonymous said...

Did not the VP of Advertising for Tacoma just bail out the door? I haven't heard of any replacement being named.

Anonymous said...

The VP of Advertising in Tacoma did just leave, to take a similar position with the Birmingham News in Alabama. Kurt Vantosky was with McClatchy for more than 9 years, possibly his illegal tape recording of all of his manager's meetings caught up to him at McClatchy?

Anonymous said...

Any advertsing gig has its ups and down.