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Anonymous said...

How Will Media Spin Obama's 'It's the Post Office Always Having Problems?' (LOST WITHOUT TOTUS)
(Noel Sheppard)

Let's make one thing perfectly clear: Barack Obama without his teleprompter is like a trapeze artist without a net.

That was likely never more apparent than at the President's healthcare town hall meeting Tuesday when he actually said:

"I think private insurers should be able to compete. They do it all the time. I mean, if you think about, if you think about it, um, UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. Right? The, uh, no they are. I mean, it's the post office that's always having problems."

Yep. The supposedly most intelligent person ever to be in the White House really said these words as a reason why Americans should trust government to provide healthcare

How will this disgraceful performance by the President be reported in the next 24 hours?


Anonymous said...

This alleged “town hall meeting” was packed with Democrats to ask approved questions...

Itwas hilarious to see the cheap and obvious preaching mode Obama was in. When was prowling the stage and gesticulating with arms and hands all the time. Using every ounce of effort to con the audience. This is all designed to create an atmosphere to transmit the facts as Obama sees them

If you ignore the theatrics Obama was reaching, rambling and unconvincing. Paying attention to the words (his loyal followers are unable to) Obama was illogical and babbling. Obama is the latest rap star. White youth buy lots of rap music and white America bought this rap stars con job and elected him president

Anonymous said...

<< To such machinations being utilized by their supposed ‘leaders’ against them in order to pave the road from a once sovereign United States to this New World Order these Americans remain nearly clueless, but when pressed by President Medvedev on the plans to ensure that civil society on the North American continent doesn’t break down Kissinger reportedly replied, “By September we’ll have confiscated all privately owned guns so it really doesn’t matter what we do, we’ll still be in charge”. >>

Anonymous said...

Little girl at Obama town hall has not-so-random political connections

As we always like to point out: There are no coincidences in Obama world.

Via the Boston Globe: Surprise!

A girl from Malden asked President Obama a question at Tuesday’s town hall meeting in New Hampshire about the signs outside “saying mean things” about his health care proposal.

Eleven-year-old Julia Hall asked: “How do kids know what is true, and why do people want a new system that can — that help more of us?”

The question opened the door for the president to respond to what he called an “underlying fear” among the public “that people somehow won’t get the care they need.”

The girl later told the Globe that picking the president’s brain was “incredible.” “It was like a once in a lifetime experience,” she said.

Julia’s mother was an early Obama supporter in Massachusetts during the presidential election, so she had previously met First Lady Michelle Obama, the Obama daughters Sasha and Malia, and Vice President Joe Biden.

“This was my first time meeting Barack Obama, and he’s a very nice man,” Julia said. “I’m glad I voted for him.”

Anonymous said...


Shocker! Little Girl Who Asked Obama Question at New Hampshire Town Hall Was a Plant

Julia Hall from Malden MA, the little girl who asked Obama a question today at his town hall meeting, was another in a long list of plants.

Julia Hall's mother, Kathleen-Manning-Hall, is Big Obama supporter and donor.
Kathleen has already met with First Lady Michelle, Joe Biden & O's daughters.

Another "coincidence" is that Julia said she lives in Malden MA and Kathleen Manning Hall's campaign contributions list the occupation "Legal Asst, Looney and Grossman LLP" and a home address in Malden MA, via the Huffington Post donation's page.

Looks like she donated $636 to Obama in 2008.

But at City Data.

This lists donations to Obama of:
$230 on 6/15/07,
$250 on 9/28/07,
$500 on 9/30/07,
$300 on 3/2/08.

And like all democrat phonies, we thought Dear Leader was being so authentic and spontaneous at his town hall meeting today.

Kathleen Hall's Facebook friend is Addisu Demissie, National Political Director of Organizing for America and former Ohio Get out The Vote director of Obama for America. Kathleen attended the Eastern Ball which the Obamas and Bidens also attended.

Anonymous said...

A girl from Malden asked President Obama a question at Tuesday’s town hall meeting in New Hampshire.

Malden is in Massachusetts, not New Hampshire. How many New Hampshire residents were not allowed in?

Anonymous said...

So because TOTUS can’t hack the tough questions from detractors,
the "orchestrates" a softball sappy question from a child of a Dem supporter!

What will crissy "the trill" mathews say?

Anonymous said...

It's a wonder Julias' mother didn't faint.

It's not every day a mom uses her daughter as a propaganda tool.

But it is every day that Dear Leader does, and every day that the feckless press looks the other way.

Anonymous said...

Oh the transparency of it all!

The daughter of a woman who was a delegate to the Democrat Convention asks a question about the meanies questioning the Messiah.

Anonymous said...

Everyone was smiling and applauding TOTUS like a North Korean pep rally.

Nobody asked the sort of chapter-and-verse questions that were asked at the congressional townhalls.

Anonymous said...

"if you think about, if you think about it, um, UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. Right? The, uh, no they are. I mean, it's the post office that's always having problems."

TOTUS Failed to Master Alinsky's Rule #12 (American Thinker)

Alinsky's 12th Rule of Tactics: The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.

You cannot risk being trapped by the enemy in his sudden agreement with your demand and saying, ‘You're right - we don't know what to do about this issue. Now you tell us.'

Why is President Barack Obama suddenly drowning in a sea of widespread resistance to his centerpiece legislation?

Because it has now become quite clear to Harry & Louise Q Citizen that this was a man without a "constructive alternative" to the out-of-control healthcare system he has badgered and rhetorically beaten bloody to a pulp.

Obama himself, Organizer in Chief, had no plan. He proposed no plan to Congress. He has let committee after committee of witless tax-and-spend, haggard old liberals write the convoluted mess they're calling healthcare reform, and has virtually done nothing for own his part but bash the insurance companies, the doctors and even the patients, who ask for individual control over their own life-and-death choices.

Anonymous said...

Even a nitwit knows that when a president must hire out his real job to 32 czars, he was never CEO material.

Anonymous said...

Obama’s Green Thumb: Planting Astroturf in New Hampshire

As it turns out, the little girl appears to be the daughter of the woman on the right (the girl’s left).

That woman’s name is Kathleen Hall, a Democratic operative and supporter who gave the Obama campaign $1,991.00. But wait, there’s more. Hall’s employer, Looney and Grossman LLP, donated a total of $12,101.00 to Democratic campaigns and $0 to Republicans.

Hall also was a Page at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Additionally, there are pictures on the web and on Facebook that depict Hall and Barak Obama enjoying some camera time together and Hall wearing a T-shirt with “Presidential Inaugural ‘09″ printed on it.

What was Obama saying about “transparency,” again?

Anonymous said...

EDITORIAL: Potemkin Town Halls [Obama's Massive Stage Fraud & The MSM Acts As Enabler!] The Washington Times

President Obama should be charged with false advertising for calling yesterday's Portsmouth, N.H., event a "town-hall meeting." It was a staged, partisan campaign rally.

The Portsmouth rally was the first of three such events planned for this week. If nothing else, it was well-choreographed, if not completely scripted.

Anonymous said...

Time for a new lie: AARP has endorsed my health-care plan, says Obama (Hot Air)

Not the biggest lie of the day but a decent-sized catch. Even so, I feel guilty calling him on it. Does anyone doubt that the reliably lefty AARP brain trust really is backing this travesty, even if they haven’t formally endorsed it?

It’s like ACORN insisting they weren’t supporting any candidates in the presidential election last year. Surely The One can be forgiven the eminently reasonable assumption that they’re in the tank.

The country’s largest advocacy group for Americans over 50 issued a statement after the event saying, “While the President was correct that AARP will not endorse a health care reform bill that would reduce Medicare benefits, indications that we have endorsed any of the major health care reform bills currently under consideration in Congress are inaccurate.”

How’s Obama going to avoid reducing Medicare benefits while promising to reduce overall Medicare spending? Why, by finding magical “savings and efficiencies within the health care system,” of course — the same sort of savings and efficiencies, presumably, that make the post office run so well. As you watch, try to get your mind around the fact that the biggest retiree lobbyist group in the country is formally undecided about a bill that’s guaranteed not only to cut into its constituents’ medical coverage but to force them to compete for doctors’ time with 47 million new insured people. Click the image to watch.

Anonymous said...

President's Town Hall On Health Care Draws Cheers, But Not Opposing Views (IBD Editorials)

SNIP... Yet Obama encountered a friendly, cheering crowd, as if at a campaign stop. While there were crowds of protesters outside, few seemed to make it inside.

He spoke for almost 20 minutes before questions. After several friendly questions, he urged people with tougher ones to step up.

"I don't want people thinking I just have a bunch of plants" in the audience, Obama said.

After two more mildly skeptical questions, Obama ended the town hall. He took nine questions in total.

Anonymous said...

How End-Users Suffer Under Socialism (IBD Editorials)

Economic Systems: If you ever wonder why we so resist socialism, consider the latest news out of that collectivist island paradise known as Cuba.


Central planners announced this week that they were fresh out of money to buy toilet paper — yes, toilet paper — for the island's 9 million citizens. But not to worry.

A nameless official for state-run monopoly Cimex and quoted by Reuters assured that "the corporation has taken all the steps so that at the end of the year there will be an important importation of toilet paper."

The predicament would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. But toilet tissue is hardly the only item Cuba is lacking. Food itself is in short supply, with red bean and chickpea rations cut by a third, according to the Miami Herald.

Special hard-currency-only stores for the elites have mysteriously failed to open after last week's "inventory," with no explanation given.

There's no gas, either. The Associated Press this week reported that state planners have decreed that oxen — yes, oxen — would replace tractors in the fields, a bid to conserve fuel. This, despite the fact that Cuba gets 100,000 barrels of oil a day from Hugo Chavez's Venezuela — effectively free, because Cuba never pays its bills.

But again, not to worry: Cuban socialists say the ox represents progress because it's so eco-friendly.

Anonymous said...

Obama’s “Stealthcare”
fight it tooth and nail.

Anonymous said...

Shhhh! Ohio Senator holds secret health care "townhall" meeting tomorrow...and all his libtard friends and thugtastic union buddies are invited!

ProgressOhio circulated an email today with all the secret (shhhh!) details (HT: RightOhio):

Can we count on you to go to Senator Sherrod Brown’s upcoming event, and simply hold a positive sign in support of healthcare reform?

You’ll be in good company. Our partners in the Health Care for America Now coalition will be standing together at the event – partners like Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN) Ohio, SEIU, Organizing For America, and many others.

We need healthcare reform supporters both inside and outside the event.

WHEN: Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 12th at 9:00 AM (event starts at 10, but it’s important to get there early!)

WHERE: OSU Biomedical Research Tower, 460 West 12th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210-2210

Sen. Brown’s event inside is entitled “What Does Health Care Reform Mean to Me?”

Anonymous said...

After the totally orchestrated townhall meeting yesterday, the fact that Barry is a fraud is more apparent than ever. His only experience is community organizing. That’s it, and that means he could possibly run ACORN, not the USA. Did the MSM question his lack of experience at anything? No, they were in the dumpsters rolling in garbage.

John Altevogt said...

Yael Abouhalkah, The Star's leading liar on Obama's Death Care has an interesting column on The Star's midwest voices (where he seems to have assumed the role also of head hatemeister).

He congratulates Obama for managing to control a tightly controlled audience of Democrat activists, praises Claire McCaskill for showing the "sheer ignorance" of her audience (she didn't) and criticizes Arlen Spector for wading into an audience that wasn't loaded with stooges.

The comparison to Medicare is a canard. The whole point is that Medicare is senior care while Obamacare is death care. Seniors are exactly correct to protect Medicare from Comrade Obama's socialist machinations.

As for Abouhalkah, he has once again shown that The Star's columnists have absolutely no value to the paper, and indeed, are a deceitful, unethical, ongoing embarrassment to both the paper and our community.

Anonymous said...

“Organizer in Chief”
“A community organizer is by definition an outsider, someone hired not by the community itself, but by outside political operatives attempting to gain a foothold in the community.
Think ACORN, that is who Obama really is.”
This was his only experience, and the MSM suppressed any questions about him. If the media was gaining any sympathy for their job loses, it is gone now. There are several references today to the liberal media, and what they have done. The election of a complete failure will be on their heads. Stealth thugs and goons describes journalists that followed orders to defraud the people of the USA.

Anonymous said...

Obama without TOTUS is an obvious dunce!

Anonymous said...

As for Abouhalkah, he has once again shown that The Star's columnists have absolutely no value....

They don't call him, "Abdul Allahu Ackbar" for nothing you know.

Anonymous said...

Fox is airing the townhall meetings, and the liberals say they are conniving to destroy the healthcare debate. That is so insane even the brain-dead liberals must cringe at the stupidity of their leaders. I hope Palousy continues to get her fake face on TV. Every time she opens her mouth, she dribbles crap. Go Nancy, your orifices have literally become interchangeable, and your breath stinks like ____ .
Fill in the blank yourself.)

Anonymous said...

Tickets for change: President to discuss health plan with select audience-


Anonymous said...

Yael Abouhalkah is the definitive example of a has-been Knight Ridder relic. The purchase of these useless journalists has killed McClatchy. One has to wonder if a backroom deal keeps these hopelessly out-of-touch scribblers on a sinking payroll? No one believes a thing Yael writes that has brain one.

John Altevogt said...

On local issues Yael used to have some credibility, but it seems clear now that he's kissing Miriam Pepper's ass and pandering to her biases on the Midwest Voices blog.

Where his own columns on local issues tend to be knowledgeable and well thought out, his blog postings are hateful (particularly against Sarah Palin and her children) and just completely out of it.

If he's not just writing this crap to try and keep his job, he's become one of the biggest bigots at The Star.

Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh said he hoped Obama failed at his socialism plan. Remember how the liberal media tried to spin it into a huge negative by omitting the socialism part of the quote? Limbaugh is gaining listeners by the thousands each time Obooba the goon, stages another hoax. Rush knew who was pulling his strings from the start. That is why the so-called president and his henchmen tried to ‘get’ him on national TV. In the end, more people will respect a radio talk show host than a fraudulent half-white/half-black imposter. It is simply a matter of telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Bus--ted... Obama Bussed In Supporters For New Hampshire Town Hall

Team Obama bussed in their supporters for the socialized health care meeting yesterday in New Hampshire:

Local WMUR has the full video report from the rally. HotAirPundit has a photo.

The hundreds of anti-Obamacare protesters waited out in the rain.

Funny... During the meeting Barack Obama told his supporters:

"I don't want people thinking I just have a bunch of plants in here."

No, we sure wouldn't want that to happen. People might think it was all a staged dog and pony show.

Anonymous said...

Wall-to-wall astroturf in New Hampshire.

I guess the trolls are still asleep.

They must have been up all night defending the Post Office as the model of efficiency.

Anonymous said...

Re:“Everyone was smiling and applauding”
These are the cultist Obama used to get elected. Remember Jim Jones, and Kool Aid? That whole death cult mentality scenario is understandable now. I hope seniors drop AARP, and wake up before it is too late for them.

Anonymous said...

US official gropes (Great choice of words) to explain Clinton's outburst (AP)

WASHINGTON – The State Department struggled Tuesday to explain Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's face-off with a Congolese student and suggested that the questioner's nervousness sparked the outburst with the mention of her husband's name.

Anonymous said...

Even the old bat Helen Thomas is not buying the Obama staged meeting. Helen Thomas thinks Barry is a fraud! How she must have choked, eating crow at her age!

Anonymous said...

Obamas Human Shields!

Fox: Obama Portsmouth "town hall" attendees hand-picked; donors to Obama's campaign given preference
Fox News Channel

Eleven-year-old who asked why people are being so mean to Obama, is daughter of major campaign donor; little girl has publicly spoken in favor of Obama.

Anonymous said...

Paging McClatchy spin and DeathCare machine.

Your Marxist patient is bleeding. Please provide immediate shilling...

Anonymous said...

NBC, CNN and MSNBC All Assign Communist LaRouche's Obama-Hitler Poster to Conservatives, Limbaugh
(Seton Motley)

The media have repeatedly stated how "angry," "hostile" and "ugly" town hall meetings across America are becoming.

They are of course largely ascribing the nastiness to conservatives voicing their opposition to (among other things) President Barack Obama and Congress' proposed government takeover of the health care system.

The press has been particularly offended by the "extreme" use of references to Adolf Hitler specifically and Nazis generally.

One image they have repeatedly used as an example of this alleged right-wing extremism is a poster of President Obama - on whose face a Hitler mustache has been Photo Shopped - bearing the caption "I've Changed."

Anonymous said...

Ted Kennedy to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom in (Dementia) Absentia (ABC)

This afternoon, President Obama awards Senator Edward Kennedy a Presidential Medal of Freedom – the nation's highest civilian honor. According to a spokesman, Kennedy will not attend the ceremony -- his oldest child, Kara Kennedy will accept the award for him. Also present will be his other children, Ted, Jr. and his wife Kiki, Patrick, Caroline Raclin and Curran Raclin.

Kennedy will remain at home in Mass., where he is fighting brain cancer. He was diagnosed last year in May.

Anonymous said...

College cheat, U.S. embassy soldier compromised by female Soviet agent, killer of young female campaign worker, architect of the nation's overwhelming immigration problem, serial adulterer, peddler of crackpot educational theories, drunkard, designer of a government takeover of health care, leading 'RAT leftist in the Senate.

Oh yes, he deserves the nation's highest civilian exemplary American democrat citizen.

Anonymous said...

White House is NOT deleting the names, addresses, or content of people who email Obama. (Fox News Channel)

Bill Burton, WH asst. press secretary, is on Fox. Kelly has asked him five times if the WH is deleting the names and addresses of people who send disapproving emails to Obama. Burton refuses to answer. Folks, Obama is building a list of enemies.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it, Crissy Mathews is suffering Hardball, a rare disease that starts with a leg tingle. In its advanced stages, hardening of the brain sets in. No patients has been known to recover. These useless beings are perfect subjects for experimental end of life counseling.

Anonymous said...

The New Hampshire townhall with Obama was filled with Obama supporters who had been bussed in from Massachusetts. It was a complete, staged setup which doesn't surprise anybody.

Anonymous said...

Union thugs are being shown as disgusting goons. Their dishonest and sometimes illegal actions are front and center for all to see. The state of Michigan is the poster winner for a failing state where unions rule. That taxpayers are being forced to bail out unions is a national disgrace. Obama used them to get elected, and now he is paying them back with our money. Stop the jerk, and his band of thugs, we don’t owe either of them our future.

Anonymous said...

Democrats now taking refuge at SEIU offices

Rep. Bishop, Boswell having health care meetings allllll the way over *there*.

Tim Bishop (D, NY-01) is having something called a “health care reform rally” on Thursday, at (of all things) SEIU’s Hicksville NY offices (1199 Duffy Ave, starts at 1 PM).

This is otherwise known as “over twenty miles outside the borders of NY-01.” Bishop is of course one of the first Democrats holding down a Red district (NY-01 is a R+0) to discover that his constituents are paying attention to his votes:

He rather famously canceled his future in-district meetings. Presumably he assumes that his constituents won’t drive twenty miles to complain.

Meanwhile, Leonard Boswell (D, IA-03) has at least decided to stay in-district for his “health care listening post” - barely. Although his district includes Des Moines, Boswell has instead decided to travel 80 miles east this week to the Sigourney Public Library (Thursday, 2 PM).

He won’t be actually having any meetings on the subject in the Des Moine area (where the vast majority of his constituents live) for another two weeks. Still, at least he’s having them; apparently being D+1 can make the difference between in and out of district.

Neither one of these two Congressmen are freshmen, and neither were considered to be hardline liberals before this Congress. And both of them are clearly not interested in facing their constituents just quite yet. Very interesting, that.

Moe Lane

Anonymous said...

Obama is losing the health care battle, and he will cost lying Democrat elected officials their jobs. New bumper sticker-

**Dump Democrats**

Anonymous said...

Jackson-Lee: “In Congress, We Have to Multi-Task” (Patterico)

Houston Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee held a town hall meeting today in Houston where she demonstrated her multi-tasking skills:

“Occasional chastising punctuated the rest of the meeting, some comments accusing her of wasting time when introducing a state politician who had joined the crowd and other jeers when she talked on her cell phone while a constituent posed a question to her.

“In Congress, we have to multi-task,” she explained.

Some constituents also complained that Jackson Lee did her best to dodge hard questions:

“Several of Jackson Lee’s constituents opposed to the health care plan complained the meetings were never posted on the congresswoman’s Web site. They also said they had called her office repeatedly but were only informed about the meetings when they called the day before it happened.

Jackson Lee is known for aggressively promoting her events by e-mailing and calling local news media. But the Houston Chronicle didn’t receive any notifications from her office about the Tuesday forum.”

I hope someone got a video of Jackson-Lee’s multi-tasking comment.

Anonymous said...

George Soros is throwing his $$$$ millions to foist his socialism plans on the USA. He has duped over 50% of the population. It will be up to the other 48% to kick his ass back to wherever he finds socialism failing already. Egad, how did the likes of him become a force in a free society? Obama took dirty money without qualm, and he is yet today. All the things he said were lies. I should say TOTUS and Soros said, to be more accurate.

Anonymous said...

It is so rich that Limbaugh and Hannity were about the only ones telling the truth about Obama. The liberal media was in cahoots to elect a fraud, and they can’t deny it, as their chosen one goes down in flames. Just a few honest questions? But no, they will ride their deception into oblivion. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Fox News is the big winner as the government watchdogs to trust.

Anonymous said...

I think Ted Kennedy would be toast under the new Obama health care plan. I have to wonder at the value of an award given to a drunk that leaves young girls to die? Geeze! He lobbied to kill Terri Schiavo, and I wonder what his brain capacity is at this time. When liberals run away from their mandates for others, it is an ugly thing to behold.

John Altevogt said...

How ironic that Ronald Reagan defeated communism in eastern Europe and now Obama is installing it in America.

Anonymous said...

J-schools are dropping Dumpster Diving 101. The Marxist professors say the stench left on faux journalists lingers far longer than the information obtained is worth.

Anonymous said...

“Obama is building a list of enemies.”
He sure as hell is. Look what he tried to do to Joe the Plumber. We have black days ahead.

Anonymous said...

Soros is dumping his millions behind the socialist Deathcare plan. That ought to tell everyone to contact their elected officials, attend town hall meetings (Unscripted ones preferred), and join the Tea Parties near you. Fox news will cover the events, but don’t look for the corrupt media to fess up. Really, they can’t without admitting their guilt. They would rather parish than fight. Sobeit.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Joe the Plumber, he looks like a genius compared to the TOTUS and nicotine addicted Barry Soetoro.

Anonymous said...

Obamacare Meltdown (HumanEvents)

The revelation last week that a majority of Americans may actually disagree with the President was something for which his team was clearly not prepared.

Their attempt to marginalize citizens across the country who dared to speak out against a government-takeover of health care is shameful, arrogant, and desperately sad.

With the American people growing increasingly unhappy with the President’s health care plan, Democrats in Congress are working feverishly to cast those who are concerned as radical props to the special interests. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in a sign of bold leadership, last week told reporters that protests of government-run health care were “phony” and “staged.”

He stepped up to a microphone holding a piece of artificial sod and declared that the nationwide dissent was but a marketing ploy, just “Astroturf.”

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs called the movement “manufactured.”

Anonymous said...

Despite what McClatchy and the media doesn’t want us to see, what we do see is:

Instead of a dazzling smile, we now see sneers, disdain and grimaces;

Instead of a photogentic family, we now see staged empty racist actors;

Instead of an excellent speaker, we now hear a droning voice speaking lies on top of lies;

Instead of an American leader, we see a Fascist Dictator.

Anonymous said...

Nobody even watches the lib cable news shows. Latest July viewership numbers:

Bill O'Reilly 3.8 million viewers.
Chris Matthews: 700,000 viewers.

O'Reilly smokes this nutjob! If it wasn't for Obama subsidizing NBC's parent company GE, MSNBC would be financial toast.

Anonymous said...

MSNBC and NBC are nothing more than Obama's propaganda arm. They have zero credibility - like McClatchy.

Anonymous said...

hey..i need some real anybody else being forced to pay back to loan at the charlotte observer and if so what are you doing about it.. i don't want to pay double

Anonymous said...

White House liar, Robert Gibbs, looks like a big puffed-up toady to me. If Obama kisses him, do you think he will turn into a ‘Queen’?


Anonymous said...

The only loan I've ever heard about that you have to pay back upon leaving a newspaper is if you had taken one out of your 401K plan. When you leave the employer, the loan comes due from the 401K. It's that way everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Fox News is on a big ratings roll because more people are thinking like a conservative. A big thanks to Obama and his White House goons.

Anonymous said...

Ted Kennedy says he is a Catholic, but he has always been a farce. He would never commit assisted suicide, it is considered a sin. Terri Schiavo, was also a Catholic, so they could not use assisted suicide, they had to starve her to death, which is a whole different subject in the liberal’s warped minds. A handicapped person is a throwaway in the liberals world, except for the days Eunice Shriver danced out for the Special Olympics. Obama made fun of the Special Olympians, and the work of Eunice Shiver.
Impeach Obama!

Anonymous said...

Barry used a name change and Rev. Wright’s bigoted henchmen to gain entry into the black community. The thing most painful to see is black people being so easily fooled. After years of voting for Democrats, and the billions of dollars given to them, something like 70% of them are born into households without fathers. Money isn’t the answer; reforming welfare to place fathers back into the family is. Just when can we expect Barry to rush through that reform? You only have four days Bro, can you do it in four days?

Anonymous said...

Where is the tort reform in the Booba plan?
Everyone going to a town hall meeting should get that question asked. You un-American people are getting on the "Smooth-Boo’s" nerves, keep on doing what you’re doing!

Anonymous said...

The truth is coming out, can you dig it?
Analysis: Press Largely Ignored Incendiary Rhetoric at Bush Protests

News outlets that are focusing on the incendiary rhetoric of conservatives outside President Obama's town hall meeting Tuesday ignored the incendiary rhetoric -- and even violence -- of liberals outside an appearance by former President George W. Bush in 2002.
By Bill Sammon

Anonymous said...

Ooops! Gibbs: "President Didn't Mean To Imply" AARP Supports Health Care Plan (Real Clear Politics)

Robert Gibbs says the President didn't mean to imply that the AARP supports current health care legislation.

Anonymous said...

The dumbest white man in America is........? (gibbs)

Anonymous said...

I don’t remember Bush’s spokesperson getting up 4-5 times a week and saying “He really didn’t mean what he said, what he meant was...”

Amateur hour in the Whitehouse has gone from irritating to pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Nope, Dear Leader didn’t “imply” it. He flat out said it.

Anonymous said...

First Obama said the AARP supports the plan, which they do,

But then the AARP lied and said they didn’t support the plan because it’s members are giving them hell,

Then Gibbs comes out and says Obama didn’t say what Obama said,

Which is rich because in this whole farce Obama was the only one telling the truth (for once).

Anonymous said...

It is also disgusting that ABC News covered for 0bama and said he had a SENIOR moment instead of HE LIED!

Anonymous said...

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee talks on the phone as a woman asks a question at a town hall event

The arrogance and indifference on Congress on tape. Democrat Shelia Jackson Lee talking on her phone while a cancer survivor asks a question about Obamacare

One minute long youtube:

Anonymous said...

Shiela didn’t like the tone of the question. The questioner was asking her if she was so arrogant as to foist new legislation on the electorate even when she knew they didn’t want that legislation. She answered without saying a word!

Anonymous said...


Obama questions Hip Replacement for Terminally Ill (MINA)

“I don’t know how much that hip replacement cost,” Obama said in the interview. “I would have paid out of pocket for that hip replacement just because she’s my grandmother.”

Obama said “you just get into some very difficult moral issues” when considering whether “to give my grandmother, or everybody else’s aging grandparents or parents, a hip replacement when they’re terminally ill.

“That’s where I think you just get into some very difficult moral issues,” he said in the April 14 interview. “The chronically ill and those toward the end of their lives are accounting for potentially 80 percent of the total health- care bill out here.”

Anonymous said...

3 Immediate Thoughts

1. he would pay for his grandmother with SAUDI money. He has never paid for anything out of his own pocket.

2. the taxpayers are supporting his illegal alien aunt who lives in Boston.. not the obamanation.

3. he received and continues to receive millions from Soros, the Saudis and other muslim groups....

Anonymous said...

Nope, Dear Leader didn’t “imply” it. He flat out said it.


He not only flat out said it. He said it for several days in a row at different events but it doesn't really matter because AARP is on board with his plan, they just don't want it to be known now that people are shredding their club cards.

Anonymous said...

Remember Terri Schivo? The only ones wishing for her death were leftists, the dems, snake lawyers, and Larry King.

The left WANTS the elderly to die. They are so compassionate: “just give them a pain pill”

The left believes in nothing. For them, death is something nice.

Anonymous said...

MSNBC and NBC are nothing more than Obama's propaganda arm. They have zero credibility - like McClatchy.

MSLSD and NBC have an excuse. They're owned by Obama. McClatchy on the other hand only wishes it was owned by Obama.

Anonymous said...

My very healthy grandmother not only clipped her AARP card, she called them to take her name off their list of members. She said they tried to bamboozle her, but she had none of their sauce. What a wonderful grandmother she has always been to me. I will fight for her. I am fired up and ready to go. I hear you can’t even get through to AARP now. I wonder if their website has crashed as well? Were they lying then, or are they lying now? Money still talks, and their insurance company was always their reason to be, not the well being of seniors. I hope they fail!

Anonymous said...

I didn’t quite believe the ‘Condoskeeza slur’ comment yesterday, but it is true. If Obama wasn’t there, he certainly heard about it. What a sleaze the Debt President is.

“According to ABC News, Rev. Wright has referred to U.S. Secretary of State Rice as "Condoskeeza Rice." "Skeeza" is an idiom known in the [black] community as meaning "whore" or "slut."
A black man calling the Secretary of State a whore or slut, and she is a black woman as well! Obama and his young daughters could have been sitting right there listening to this [Hate Preach] by Rev. Wright. He became known as the ‘Hate Preacher’ in Chicago. Even a cub reporter could have found that out in a few minutes. Anyone ask Oprah why she exited his church? No questions by the MSM per usual. There is no explaining Wright’s bigotry away, and the lying media condoned his actions by ignoring his serious bigotry against Whitey and Jews, while accusing others of bigotry against a white/black man.

Anonymous said...

AARP is in panic mode. The truth about their agenda was to remain hidden from their members. The board there must be old duffers like the BOD of McClatchy. Didn’t they know about the internet?

Anonymous said...

The problem for AARP is that when you lie down with pigs, you get up with hoof in mouth disease. Maybe that isn’t quite the saying? I said pigs, because you know B Hussein O hates pigs.

Anonymous said...

AARP just hired a black CEO who has a history of activism. Big mistake. AARP is Obama's toy and the membership is catching on. Membership is going to take a big dive.

Anonymous said...

When the Un-Rev. Wright slurred “Whitey”, he slurred the evil ‘Whitey’ Obama and his ‘Whitey’ daughters, and Obama just sat there. Has the man no shame? No wonder Ms. Frump thinks the USA is a mean place, Rev. Bigot said so every Sunday. I think it was abusive for her to let her daughters hear hate speech, the real thing, and against them, not her! A good mother? I don’t think so. If my minister said the ‘N’ word I would have walked out immediately. Obama stayed 20 years, and that was twenty years folks.

Anonymous said...

Obama as gone off the deep end into the brink, and he has a tight grasp on his brain aka TOTUS. TOTUS is getting pissed off. He says, If the Bam tries to pull a Ted Kennedy on me, I’ll grab his lying ass, and we’ll see who walks on water. The Carter clone’s hot air will save us both. Heh, heh, heh.

Anonymous said...

Fox News is running a bottom news line that says AARP will not support any health care bill that harms seniors.


Anonymous said...

The “Sneaky bastards” at AARP just got caught with their pants down. Eeewww!

Anonymous said...

Why The AP plans to hold some web content off the wire (Nieman Journalism Lab)

Series: AP's online strategy

In a break with tradition, The Associated Press plans to prevent members and customers from publishing some AP content on their websites. Instead, those news organizations would link to the content on a central AP website — a move that could upend the consortium’s traditional notions of syndication.

That’s one revelation from a document we obtained (labeled “AP CONFIDENTIAL — NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION”) that offers new insight into how the AP is planning to reinvent itself on the Internet.

The seven-page briefing, entitled “Protect, Point, Pay — An Associated Press Plan for Reclaiming News Content Online,” was distributed to AP members late last month. It provides greater detail about the tracking device that will be attached to AP content and describes their plans to create topic pages around news stories to rival Wikipedia and major aggregation sites. And in an hour-long interview last night, the AP’s general counsel, Srinandan Kasi, also shed light on how the consortium views reuse of its material across the Internet.

I’ll be wading through the document and what we’ve found in a series of posts beginning today. (You can subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter if you don’t want to miss anything.) We’ll eventually post the full document, too. And as we go, feel free to comment and ask questions so we can flesh this out. I think you’ll find this stuff applies to all news organizations, not just the 1,500 newspapers that own the AP.

Anonymous said...

AP is asking newspaper websites to become satellites to their website - apparently so that AP can sell advertising on their site.

This means AP will be competing with newspapers because advertising is/was the lifeblood of newspapers. I’m guessing most newspapers are not going to be too happy about that.

Anonymous said...

Heard on talk radio- “The unions’ supporting Deathcare are thug liberals talking through false teeth.”
Good one!

Anonymous said...

Liberals should be made to watch the video of Terri Schiavo with her loving parents. The media allowed her adulterous husband who lived with a common law wife and two children to starve Terri to death. He would not even allow an ice chip when she cried out for help. When did we become such a country of ghouls? I am ashamed of my country when it comes to prescribing death to my fellow Americans, and I include seniors and unborn babies. We are all valuable citizens, to kill off some of us, to make room for illegal aliens is just plain insanity. Who are these ghouls that try to kill off our people that are the least able to defend themselves?

Anonymous said...

Editor of the Atlanta Journal Constitution ( A cox Property)is telling the staff they may move out of downtown.
“The cost of operating the downtown building is very high. Since moving production out to Gwinnett, we occupy less than 30 percent of the facility. As a result, the expense to operate the building is exorbitant. No decision has been made at this time, but we are looking at options including maintaining our current downtown location or relocating to a new, smaller site in the greater Atlanta area. I will keep you informed and share any updates on this issue.”