Thursday, August 13, 2009

Remember when dissent was patriotic?

When Bush was president, we were told speaking out against the administration was patriotic.

Funny how the elites in the media are all worked up about citizens who protest the president -- now that their man is in office. Have they really forgotten what protests were like under the previous president? Click here for a stroll down memory lane.

PS. If you still think Obama has been treated "mean" at the rallies, do me a favor and Google this. And ask yourself when the media cared about the the treatment Bush got.



Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the cries of feminist outrage if a conservative commentator, particularly one of the male persuasion, had made a similar suggestion?

The Daily Beast head Tina Brown made her candid comments on today's Morning Joe

TINA BROWN: What's wrong with Hillary is one week too long on this African hellish tour that she's on.

Think of it from the human point of view: she is in her second week. She's hot. She is feeling fat. She had this horrible business where she suddenly lost it a bit over the whole Bill thing.

Frankly, I want to get her home now. I want to get her home. Otherwise, by the time she hits Liberia, she's going to be saying: "what can I tell you? We had an idiot for the president!" She's letting it hang out.

A bit later, Brown returned to her notion that Hillary had encountered a . . . weighty problem.

SCARBOROUGH: Take the microphone away, get her on a -- maybe Bill ought to leave Vegas --

BROWN: I agree with that. She ought to get back to the gym!

Anonymous said...

Yup. A couple of things:

1. She has no real foreign policy experience and is in way over her head.

2. Obama has parsed out the real foreign policy authority to others (and she knows it). He probably doesn’t even listen to her. She is just a symbol, and an increasingly irrelvant one at that.

3. She is starting to realize that she will not be able to ride this position to the White House in 2016

Honestly, she should have stayed in the Senate. At least there she had some pull. Now she actually has to produce results and its, well, embarrasing......

Anonymous said...

What a huge mistake the 'smartest woman in America' made when she signed on to join obama's Manson Family.

She is Secretary of State only in her mind. Real power in obama's government is behind the scenes.

And yes she looks horrible!

Anonymous said...

“My husband is not the Secretary of State. I am. You ask my opinion, I will tell you my opinion. I am not going to be channeling my husband.”

Anonymous said...

The Daily Beast head Tina Brown made these other candid comments on yesterday's Morning Joe.

And here's the delicious punch line:

And not only that, but (and I say this in solidarity, not belittlement) the African humidity had wreaked havoc on her hair.

It had gone all flat and straight, which puts any woman in a bad humor. (Let's not forget: It was a sympathetic reference to the female-specific chore of keeping perfectly coiffed that made Hillary's eyes fill with tears back in New Hampshire.)

Plus, the grueling State Department schedule means these days she can never get to the gym.


So should America expect more petulant and erratic behavior from its new Secretary of State whenever her hair doesn't curl properly or she misses a workout or two?

If that's the case, we should be thankful it ISN'T her receiving that call at 3 in the morning.

On the other, what if she's the one making the call, and she's having problems with her coiffure?

Heaven forbid.

Anonymous said...

This is our HEAD DIPLOMAT??

That was a fuming Hillary....snarling and pointing her finger at the insolent questioner...

No comment on her hair or her weight. Her attitude is what matters.

Anonymous said...

I think she's trying for the Madeline Albright look, and suceeding.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Hillary was also dumped by Huma Abedin, who has conveniently turned straight, once Hillary lost the nomination to the Kenyan.

Dave D. said...

..Irritable, bloated, angry, overeating and depressed. What could possibly go wrong ? Maybe she ought to hole up during those 27-29 days a month when she's off kilter and ....just eat bon-bons.

Anonymous said...

At least there is someone in this administration that the rest of the world is afraid of.

Anonymous said...

It's Hillary's Herman Goering look.

"Does my ass make these pants look fat?"

Anonymous said...

Really? Gosh, I remember when speaking out against President Bush was decried as treasonous. You'd get the evil eye from his supporters. Even Ari Fleischer, after 9/11, said people should watch what they say.

Anonymous said...

8:35 AM You not a traitor for speaking out against Bush asshole. You're a traitor because you sided with the enemy and provided aid and comfort. Being told to watch what you say was a service.

They should have given each and every one of you what you truly deserved. A bullet in the head and and a shallow grave.

Dave D. said...

..8:53, I'd say yes, your comment does make your head look fat.

Anonymous said...

8:35 and 9:14 are the same person masturbating while trying to inflame the board.

Nice try Saul Alinsky!

Anonymous said...

NY Post

Hillary Clinton's trip across Africa just got more controversial.

Clinton caused another firestorm during her trouble-plagued Africa tour last night by drawing comparisons between political corruption in Nigeria and President Bush's contested election win nine years ago in Florida.

The Secretary of State made the bizarre comparison during a speech to a group of political activists in the Nigerian capitol of Abuja, another stop on her 11-day, seven-country tour of the continent.

She singled out former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush -- the former president's brother -- with helping the GOP grab the White House from Democrat Al Gore.

"Our democracy is still evolving. You know we had some problems in some of our presidential elections," she said. "As you may remember, in 2000 our presidential election came down to one state where the brother of one of the men running for president was governor of the state. So we have our problems too."

Anonymous said...

"She singled out former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush"

Jeb Bush kept as far away from that controversy as possible and Katherine Harris played it by the book....

It was the Florida Supreme Court who tried to hijack the election by making up rules which they were bitch-slapped 9-0 by the Supreme Court for doing.

Anonymous said...

She looks like she ate Algore and found the last part was just too much. Like Jabba the Pizza Hut.

Anonymous said...

Biden has been successfully tutoring Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't take much to set you off, does it, 9:14?

Just because someone thinks Bush acted irrationally in going to war in Iraq doesn't mean they are siding with the enemy. Nor does it mean that people who disagree with Obama are unpatriotic. Some are factually challenged, which discredits their movement. But to speak your opinion is their absolute right.

For a blog that focuses on news, and tangentially, the First Amendment, a lot of people on here are quick to try and silence those that disagree with them. I guess you could say those that dissent.

Anonymous said...

She needs to reinvent herself - away from Obama. His plan worked perfectly - give her a job where she won't be noticed.

Anonymous said...

Hillary could always be the next Jenny Craig spokeswoman.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is off her meds again.

Anonymous said...


Figures. Former Clinton Aide Smuggled Knife & Tatoo Needles Into Prison

Weird. Another Clinton official was busted this week.
This former aide was trying to smuggle a knife and tatoo needles into prison in a Doritos bag.
The Daily News reported:

A former top aide to Bill Clinton when he was Arkansas governor was charged Wednesday with trying to smuggle a knife and 48 tattoo needles stashed in a bag of Doritos onto the state's death row.

Betsy Wright, 66, a vocal death penalty opponent, was detained May 22, prison officials said.

It was unclear why she allegedly carried the items into the prison.

Wright denied the charges, but admitted bringing in the Doritos, which she claimed she found in the bottom of a prison vending machine.

Wright served as Clinton's chief of staff and during his 1992 presidential campaign.

Nine years after they left the White House their lackeys are still getting busted. The Clintons certainly did put together an impressive record:

* Number close to the Clinton machine who have been convicted of or pleaded guilty to crimes: 44

* Number of convictions during his administration: 33

* Number of indictments/misdemeanor charges: 61

* Number of imprisonments: 14

* Number of presidential impeachments: 1

* Number of independent counsel investigations: 7

* Number of congressional witnesses pleading the 5th Amendment: 72

* Number of witnesses fleeing the country to avoid testifying: 17

* Number of foreign witnesses who have declined interviews by investigative bodies: 19

The Clinton machine now holds the record for the administration with:

* The most number of convictions and guilty pleas

* The most number of cabinet members to come under criminal investigation

* The most number of witnesses to flee the country or refuse to testify

* The most number of key witnesses to die suddenly

* The greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions

* The greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions from abroad.

Anonymous said...

Hillary needs steroid testing. We need a Senate panel to convene at once to get to the bottom of her enhanced body look. Did I say to get to the bottom? Paleeze, I did not mean her bottom. Eeewww!

Anonymous said...

"The most number of key witnesses to die suddenly"
Now that was something an investigative journalist could have followed, like get a ‘Deep Throat’ to drag the story out for eons. The press could still brag about how their reporting kicked a President in the ass.

Anonymous said...

I know, I know, maybe she just needs to go on a cruise, without Bull, I mean Bill?

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Anonymous said...

Her hair is flat and her face looks tired. She looks AWFUL and sounds punch drunk.

Sum Ting Wong.

Anonymous said...

Feminist hags are excusing Hillary’s crude and rude behavior because she is just so tired, so jet-lagged, blah, blah, blah.
Hey Hill, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

If Hillary can't take the travel, Obama ought to make her next trip, to New Jersey. Plenty to do there.

Anonymous said...

I see the media is writing about Hillary’s rude comments to a student. Obama is burying her for good. It is just a kinder, gentler version of what he did to Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

“give her a job where she won't be noticed.”

She looks like she could be used as a balloon creature in a Macy’s parade.

Anonymous said...

One Old Trout covers for another. N.O.W. must be so proud of both of you girls. It must be 3:00 AM

Why Hillary Lashed Out (The Daily Beast, Tina Brown)


Hillary, on the other hand, has been carrying around a lot of bottled tension lately, and in Congo the cork popped.

The new job has required a lot of humbling up for the woman who tried so historically to become America’s first female president.

First Obama came out of nowhere and stole her exceptionalism. He played his ace of being the first African-American president against her hopes to be the queen of clubs.

Then everyone bayed at her for tearing up in a moment of fatigue. Then her sin was being a sore, bitter, conniving Clinton who couldn’t give up her lust for power. Then she ate concession crow more manfully than any man has ever done.

Earlier, Brown's excuse was that Hillary had a bad hair day and hadn't gone to the gym? What will it be tomorrow, Huma went straight?

Anonymous said...

I thought Hillary's moment was being caught lying through her teeth about flying into Kosovo, under sniper fire?

But take heart, at least she’s now sporting the Herman Goering’s ass look.

Anonymous said...

Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, convicted of the attempted assassination of President Ford in '75, has been released from prison, a prison spokeswoman says.

"When asked, she refused comment on when her first day as Dept. Chair at the University of Chicago would be, and also declined to talk about a potential fellowship to a panel on keeping elected officials safe from right wing extremists."

Anonymous said...

Her response was positively Freudian. It revealed the hostility that she has for bill, for her subservient position to heussein, and to the fact that she hates who she is, where she is, and what she’s doing.

I think she is regretting her decision to take the job. She hasn’t been able to parley the job into anything that garners the respect that she thinks is her due, and it certainly isn’t giving her the power she craves.

She thought she could make it all about her - as if she thought somehow she could actually drive the entire heussein administration from the trunk.

Watch for her to come down with some sort of mysterious illness that forces her to resign, only to miraculously recover afterward.....

Anonymous said...

Women prefer to work for male bosses... because they're 'better managers and less prone to moods'
(Mail Online)

Most women prefer to work for male bosses because they are less prone to mood swings, research revealed yesterday.

Two thirds of female employees said they like having a man in charge in the office. Those questioned also said male bosses are more authoritative, straight-talking and better at making decisions than their female counterparts.

Battle of the sexes: Two thirds of women say they prefer working for a male boss because they are better decision-makers than their female counterparts But the study did find the fairer sex are better at delegation and more likely to dish out praise.

The statistics come ten days after Harriet Harman declared men in power can't be trusted. Labour's deputy leader said: 'I don't agree with all-male leaderships. 'Men cannot be left to run things on their own. I think it's a thoroughly bad thing to have a men-only leadership.'

The results of the survey also revealed four out of ten women who have female bosses believe they could do a better job than their superior.

A spokesman for, which conducted the research, said: 'The results make interesting reading as there were pros and cons to both sexes.'

Anonymous said...

Having a female boss meant spending 15 minutes watching her dance around the mulberry bush while she tried to formulate a politicized answer that you had to double check with someone else to make sure it was accurate so she didn't wind up blaming you for her mistake.

Anonymous said...

“I draw great inspiration from [Franklin Roosevelt] because he was a disruptor, and I’m a fan of disruptors; people who make change.” — Nancy Pelosi, 2006

“These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American.” — Nancy Pelosi, 2009


“This is my brain.”

“This is my brain on botox”.

Anonymous said...

First I didn’t know there was an organization CALLED the “Disruptors”, and I was further unaware their leader was called “the Fan”. And they can be disrupted? Who knew?

Communication about these tidbits of information is most edifying.

Anonymous said...

This stuff should be made into commercials.

Pelosi - Then. Pelosi - Now.

Reid - Then. Reid - Now.

An awful lot of hypocrisy can be fit into a 30 second spot. Let them hang themselves with their own words. Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

‘I’m a Fan of Disruptors’

Well, that will make the Klingon and Romulan gun rights lobby happy.

Anonymous said...


All of a Sudden it's called "Public Health Care Plan" anybody notice the change in language

All of a sudden the MSM is referring to Obama's plan as the "Public Health Care Plan" and no longer as the "Government Health Care Plan" ?

Anonymous said...

Obama pulls plug on (Drudge headline only)

Sounds like this corrupt anf Fishy administration is playing full-time damage control now.

What say our troll on this matter?