Monday, September 28, 2009

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ACORN corruption at the local level -- is your newspaper covering it?


Anonymous said...

Do they cover ACORN corruption? They embrace it! Our publisher was caught registering to vote in multiple jurisdictions. Never mind the way the all out smear campaign they leveled against the US Attorney that decided to investigate them.

Yeah, it is fair to say they are covering it. From the perspective of ACORN as an advocate. Lately however, they have tried to pretend that the offices here are tiny and insignificant, despite footage of the local thugs on national news as they venture to other regions to cause havoc.

Anonymous said...


L.A. Times Front Page Headline: Polanski Merely “Accused” of Sexual Assault PATTERICO

I woke up this morning to this headline on the front page of the L.A. Times: Excuse me?

He is more than merely “accused” of unlawful sex with a minor. He pled guilty to it. And, moving on the teaser on the right for Patrick Goldstein’s piece, it will not cost the L.A. District Attorney (for whom I work but do not speak) much to “prosecute” Polanski — because we don’t have to “prosecute” him.

We need only represent the People at the sentencing for the charge to which Polanski pled guilty.

Nowhere on the front page does the paper explain to readers that Polanski pled guilty — much less mention that a 13-year-old girl testified to a grand jury that Polanski had provided her with part of a Quaalude and champagne before anally raping her and ejaculating inside her anus.

(Excerpts of her testimony are provided in my takedown of Goldstein’s piece.) The article includes some of this information on the back pages that hardly anybody reads — the paper there reveals the drugging, the plea, and a sanitized version of the anal rape (he “forced himself on her”).

But those who merely read the front page (and that’s many people, if not most) could be forgiven if they concluded that Polanski has yet to be put on trial.

This has been installment #56,447 in my ongoing series: “Why Nobody Trusts The L.A. Times.”

Anonymous said...

Joseph Farah

It has been two weeks since the shocking undercover video work of James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles was released to the world. Those videos reveal beyond any shadow of a doubt that ACORN is the very definition of a "corrupt organization." Furthermore, they demonstrated clearly that ACORN officials in several cities are more than willing to get involved in the most heinous kind of criminal activity – up to and including murder and white slavery rings involving the exploitation of helpless underage foreign minors. Nevertheless, since the astonishing sting operations were made public, no charges have been filed against ACORN,...

John Altevogt said...

No, of course not. ACORN is involved up to its eyebrows in a scandal here involving the Healthcare Foundation of greater Kansas City and not a peep from their comrades at The Star.

But then why would The Star want to run a story about yet more bigoted leftists looting yet another foundation? That's just too commonplace.