Friday, September 11, 2009

"Eight years after 9-11"

Click here for Michael Yon's photo essay from Afghanistan.


Anonymous said...

Obama's got Nothing to Say - 9/11

It's the anniversay of 9/11. It seems obvious that many Americans forgot the pain and loss that Islamists caused us 8 years ago. After all, we have a president that is sympathetic to those who would destroy America.

And so I was wondering what Barack Obama would say and do to commemorate this special day.

Turns out.... He's got nothing to say.

Obama Observes Moment of Silence at White House

New York Times - John H. Cushman - ‎25 minutes ago‎

WASHINGTON — The nation's capital commemorated the attacks of Sept. 11, with President Obama joining members of the White House staff ...

President Observes' Moment Of Silence For 9/11 Victims
KOLO - ‎12 minutes ago‎

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama observed a moment of silence this morning to remember the victims of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. ...

Obama observing moment of silence for 9/11 victims
The Associated Press - ‎3 hours ago‎

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will lead the country in pausing to remember the victims of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. ...

Anonymous said...

I guess remaing silent is his only option. He remembers who wrote the check for his university education.

Anonymous said...

This guy gives a speech every day. This is the one day he won’t?

First time he’s avoided the cameras — except when “vacationing” of course — in recent history.

The man loves the limelight.

So his silence today is telling. Very telling.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the damage he would cause himself if he had a speech to give, and how weak it would look because he couldn't do it without dual teleprompters.

Anonymous said...

A clip on the radio, when he spoke at the Pentagon, said that the people died in an “incident”.

An “incident”?

Anonymous said...

Strange. The Kenyan never passes up the slightest chance to give a speech.

I guess he left his copy of the “America’s chickens...have come roost speech at home.

Anonymous said...

He gives a Ramadan speech, hosts an iftar at the White House, bows the Saudi king, releases a statement of sorrow at the death of Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, an Iraqi stooge of the Iranian mullahs, but HAS NOTHING TO SAY ON 9/11??!?!

His silence speaks volumes!

Anonymous said...

Dear Leader's moment of silence was for the Saudi 19.