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Friday September 11 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

9-11: The Desecration (The American Thinker)

Add another Obama insult to injury on 9-11. First, he desecrated the memory of 9-11 with his planned proclamation of his mandatory civilian service on 9-11, which he has designated a "National Day of Service."

And now 9-11 has yet another title: State Department personnel are supposed to pray with Muslims on the newly declared "Interfaith Day of Service," whatever that means on 9-11.

September 11, which should be a somber day of mourning and reflection (on how the hell we got here), will be a day when Obama -- in a celebratory mode -- makes his big announcement.

Anonymous said...

Obama means to erase the meaning of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks from the American psyche and convert September 11 into a day of leftist self-congratulation, the advance of government power, and Muslim pandering.

Anonymous said...

Common Sense Questions for Obama

President Barack Obama: “Our collective failure to meet this challenge – year after year, decade after decade – has led us to the breaking point.”

Common Sense Question: If we are at the “breaking point,” then why doesn’t your government-run insurance plan start until 2013?

President Barack Obama: “There are now 30 million American citizens who cannot get coverage.”

Common Sense Question: On August 20, you said 46 million Americans were uninsured. What happened to 16 million Americans?

President Barack Obama: “And every day, 14,000 Americans lose their coverage.”

Common Sense Question: Does that mean 15 million Americans will lose their health care before your government plan starts in 2013?

President Barack Obama: “We spend one and a half times more per person on health care than any other country, but we aren’t any healthier for it.”

Common Sense Question: Then why do people travel from around the world to receive health care in the United States?

President Barack Obama: “Put simply, our health care problem is our deficit problem. Nothing else even comes close.”

Common Sense Question: Didn’t the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office say that the health care plan you have endorsed will add $239 billion to our annual deficits over the next ten years?

President Barack Obama: “Reducing the waste and inefficiency in Medicare and Medicaid will pay for most of this plan.”

Common Sense Question: If we can pay for “most” of health care reform by controlling waste and inefficiency, then why does a $900 billion health care plan include $820 billion in tax increases?

President Barack Obama: “…no federal dollars will be used to fund abortion.”

Common Sense Question: Do you object to House Democrats defeating an amendment in the House Energy and Commerce Committee markup that would have explicitly prohibited federal funding of abortion under a government-run health care plan?

President Barack Obama: “I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits – either now or in the future.”

Common Sense Question: Do you oppose the House Democrat health care plan, H.R. 3200, which the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said will add $239 billion to our annual deficits over the next ten years and “would probably generate substantial increases in federal budget deficits” thereafter? If so, which Democrat plan are you going to support?

President Barack Obama: “Reducing the waste and inefficiency in Medicare and Medicaid will pay for most of this plan…the plan I’m proposing will cost around $900 billion over the next 10 years…”

Common Sense Question: If there is so much “waste and inefficiency” in Medicare and Medicaid – two government-run health care plans – then won’t further government involvement in health care lead to further “waste and inefficiency”?

President Barack Obama: “And I will continue to seek common ground in the weeks ahead. If you come to me with a serious set of proposals, I will be there to listen.”

Common Sense Question: Will you agree to meet with House Republican leaders to discuss health care reform, as they requested almost four months ago?

Anonymous said...

Obama & Democrats' Senior Problem: Sr citizens are more opposed to Obama than any other age group (U.S. News & World Report)

One of President Obama's biggest challenges this fall will be persuading seniors to accept his healthcare proposals. Many elderly voters are deeply worried about "Obama-care" because they fear that his plans will reduce their coverage and increase their costs.

Seniors, in fact, are more opposed to Obama's healthcare ideas than any other age group.

This is ironic because those over 65 rely on the government in so many ways, such as through Medicare and Social Security.

But they have developed a deep skepticism toward Obama's agenda of expanding the reach and power of Washington.

They basically agree with the conservative attack that he is a liberal zealot who wants to inject the government into every nook and cranny of American life—including everyday decisions about the choice of doctors and medical plans, pollsters say.

Anonymous said...

Obama's unemployment shuffle: The job market keeps getting worse (Washington Times)

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. said last week, "The Recovery Act has played a significant role in changing the trajectory of our economy and changing the conversation about the economy in this country."

In lock step with the Obama administration, the media dutifully reports that job losses are getting smaller each month.

This rosy outlook depends on a selective use of government data. In reality, the unemployment rate is rising.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Household Survey data offer the broadest and most accurate short-term measure of the job market.

They show that from February through August, the economy faced a net loss of 2.5 million jobs. In August alone, the number of people with jobs fell by 392,000. Instead of getting better, August experienced the worst reported drop during the last three months.

Another 143,000 Americans gave up altogether and stopped looking for jobs, a status that doesn't count as unemployed for government statistical purposes.

Anonymous said...

Obama's team 'socialists with communist background'

NEW YORK – Many of the people working with President Obama are Marxists or socialists with backgrounds in the Communist Party, according to a socialist Columbia University professor with strong ties to Obama's radical associates, including Weathermen terrorist Bill Ayers.

"What makes Obama different is that he has also been a community organizer. He has read left literature, including my works, and he understands what socialism is," wrote Manning Marable, professor and founding director of the Institute for Research in African American Studies at Columbia University.

"A lot of the people working with him are, indeed, socialists with backgrounds in the Communist Party or as independent Marxists," Marable wrote in a December 2008 piece published in the Socialist Review.

Anonymous said...

Communist Party U.S.A. Newspaper (People's Weekly Worker) & Chairman Hail Obama Speech
People's Weekly Worker (Official Newspaper of Communist Party U.S.A.)

President Obama’s speech to Congress last night reset the debate and struggle for real health care reform.

No one thought that the reform of our nation’s health care system would be easy to begin with, but what transpired recently – the fierce counter attack by the right-wing extremists, the letting loose of the demagogues of hatred, fear, racism, and division, and the digging in of private insurance companies and other sections of corporate America – proved to be a sobering reminder that the political terrain and initiative can shift in the direction of one’s foes, as it did this summer....

But it also can shift back as happened last night, thanks to the president’s intervention in this bitter and bruising struggle....

Anonymous said...

Imagine if a major, turning point national speech by Presidents Reagan or Bush I, II, were endorsed the following day by the National Socialist Party or the Ku Klux Klan?

(Why of course we would not hear a peep out of McClatchy or the alphabet soup network.)

Anonymous said...

The "True Identity" Of Van Jones

Some people are wondering who is next after Van Jones. But the Van Jones story is not over. And we still don't know who hired this "obscure" official, as some on the left are now trying to refer to him.

Some of these controversies are currently being investigated by the new media. Blogger Trevor Loudon, who broke the story about Jones' communist background, thinks White House official Valerie Jarrett needs to be seriously scrutinized.

She appears to have had a family connection to Barack Obama's childhood mentor, Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis.

Meanwhile, representatives of various George Soros-funded organizations are coming to the defense of the identified communist.

John Podesta, the President and CEO of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, hailed Jones as an "exceptional and inspired leader who has fought to bring economic and environmental justice to communities across our country."

Justin Ruben of said Jones had "worked tirelessly to bring jobs and environmental progress to some of the poorest communities in our nation. His dedication and leadership are exactly what we need more of in Washington.

And his resignation is a loss to this Administration."
Josh Silver of the Free Press calls Jones "one of our most visionary and principled young leaders."

Anonymous said...

ACORN fires 2 workers seen in hidden-camera footage advising woman posing as prostitute (FOX)

BALTIMORE (AP) — The nonprofit housing group ACORN has fired two employees at its Baltimore office who were seen on hidden-camera video giving advice to a man posing as a pimp and a woman pretending to be a prostitute.

Fox News Channel broadcast excerpts from the video Thursday. Those excerpts showed a man and woman asking about buying a house and how to account on tax forms for the woman's income.

An ACORN employee advises the woman to list her occupation as "performance artist."

Maryland ACORN board member Margaret Williams says in a statement the employees "did not meet ACORN's standards of professionalism."

Anonymous said...

ACORN Outdoes Itself (WSJ)

I thought I'd heard every possible charge about corruption at ACORN, a feisty, union-backed activist group that became infamous last year when it was investigated for voter registration fraud in 15 states.

Just yesterday, 11 ACORN workers were accused by Florida prosecutors of falsifying information on some 900 voter registration forms.

But this morning brings a Fox News report that ACORN officials in Baltimore offered to help get a housing loan and falsify tax documents for a proposed house of prostitution that would employ underage girls from El Salvador. ...

In helping Mr. O'Keefe set up his supposed brothel, ACORN employees also invited him to attend an August conference the group was holding for prospective home-buyers. But it linked attendance to Mr. O'Keefe joining ACORN and paying $120 in annual dues:

"We ask that you join ACORN." The problem is that such a request is illegal, since the ACORN housing conferences are underwritten by federal government grants.

ACORN has a political arm, so insisting that attendees at its housing conferences join the group and pay dues is a no-no.

Anonymous said...

ACORN: Victim of Beck's racist smear campaign (Examiner)

ACORN is the latest victim of Fox news personality Glenn Beck's racist smear campaigns.

Beck aired a staged video on his program entrapping a couple of low level members of ACORN. ACORN is a non-profit organisation that works to serve low income and working Americans.

ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, is the nation's largest community organization of low and moderate income families, working together for social justice and stronger communities.

These are good Americans working for the benefit of those less fortunate.

ACORN has over 400,000 members and more than 850 neighborhood chapters in over 100 cities across the United States.

Anonymous said...

Houston Chronicle story on heckling of Obama pulled
The Houston Chronicle

One of the "Most Commented" stories on the Houston Chronicle was the story about Joe Wilson shouting "You lie!" during Obama's speech.

The story appears as a "Most Commented" story in the right hand column on the website. Upon clicking on that link, the story is "Access forbidden" and is not found. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Re: Why Houston Chronicle story on heckling of Obama pulled-

Every time the media shows Joe Wilson saying “You Lie” to Obama, he gets more campaign contributions.

Anonymous said...

There is a post from the ‘Examiner’-‘ACORN: Victim of Beck's racist smear campaign’, it is written by Michael Stone from the Portland Progressive Examiner. He also wrote Glenn Beck: Joker, Nazi, Criminal?

This is a far left fringe blog in my opinion. Yesterday there was an entire article from, which is a Soros funded operation. I do not think this blog should allow their propaganda to be published here. Soros throws his money around to bring socialism to the USA, and he has plenty of media outlets without tainting this blog.

Anonymous said...

Great News! John Stossel a libertarian, is leaving ABC, headed to Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Meet the Republican Who Walked out on Obama's title | Mark Silva

Shimkus walked out on Obama: 'Frustrated' Rep. Joe Wilson, the South Carolina Republican who yelled at President Barack Obama during his address to Congress this week, wasn't the only one unhappy with what he heard. Rep. John Shimkus, a Republican from Illinois, walked out. "Congressman Shimkus was frustrated that the president was not offering any new ground and left with just minutes remaining in the speech,'' spokesman Steven Tomaszewski said today in response to our question about the late-speech walk-out.

Anonymous said...

Talk Is Cheaper for Ads on NBC's 'Leno' The Wall Street Journal

Fans of Jay Leno may have high expectations for the comedian's new show beginning Monday night. But in negotiating ad rates, NBC and advertisers have set the bar low.

In the weeks leading up to NBC's launch of "The Jay Leno Show," advertisers are buying spots for about half what they'd spend per commercial in new episodes of dramas on competing networks at the same time of night, executives say.

Anonymous said...

Obama and his association with the fringe elements, in his own words:

“In his book Dreams From My Father, Obama writes about how he chose his associations while in college. “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists.”

Anonymous said...

Sun-Times newsroom union leader balks at concessions request

The parent company of the Chicago Sun-Times and its sister papers formally sought three years’ worth of wage-and-benefit cuts on Thursday from the company’s 18 unions — concessions that include reductions in severance pay and elimination of seniority as a deciding factor in the event of layoffs.

Company officials declined to discuss the proposal, which union members have been told must be accepted by Sept. 29 so a planned sale of Sun-Times Media Group to an investment group led by Chicago businessman James Tyree can proceed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Without significant union concessions, the Tyree group has said it will walk away from the proposed $25 million deal.

Judging by the reactions of leaders of the Chicago Newspaper Guild, which represents about 400 of Sun-Times Media’s 600-plus unionized workers, the deal won’t come together easily — if at all.

Anonymous said...

'Internet Manifesto' Outlines Web Journalism's Information Revolution

All great revolutions need great manifestos, and a group of influential German bloggers have delivered one, nailing their 17 theses on the future of journalism in the Internet age up in the most public of forums.

Signed by 15 of Germany’s more popular online voices, the Internet Manifesto’s articles mostly take aim at old media doctrine, ranging from generalizations like “the Internet is different” to more specific notions like “Copyright becomes a civic duty on the Internet.”

All in all, the document is less a plan for the future and more a scathing rejection of old media’s obstinate refusals to accept that the Web is indeed a different medium than print, such as Rupert Murdoch’s assertion that the days of free news content on the Internet are over.

Declaring “the Internet is a pocket-sized media empire,” the manifesto at its core asserts that the Web has given freedom to the masses like nothing else in history, eliminating the gatekeeping function once held so dearly by “heavy investments” like large media companies.

At the same time, the manifesto declares that journalism on the Web can be profitable; claiming “tradition is not a business model,” the document appeals to media companies to test and develop new models rather than to try to force the old ways on a new medium (take note, Rupert).

Most poignantly, the manifesto insists the Internet makes journalism better, eschewing the inalterability of print for a fluidity that better mimics a continually changing world.

Anonymous said...

"You Lie" The shot heard round the world!

Anonymous said...

How bankrupt US papers are coping (Guardian UK)

Over the past year several US newspaper groups have gone into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. So, asks Philip Stone, how are they faring? Then he provides the answers.

Tribune group: Still in a quagmire because the bondholders are going after its chairman and ceo, Sam Zell, demanding that the bankruptcy judge let them investigate his $8.2bn takeover in 2007, calling it a "fraudulent conveyance". So that has a way to go yet.

Star Tribune (Minneapolis): It has taken advantage of the protection to wring some $20m in cost savings from its unions, and it persuaded the newspaper's major secured creditors to swap $430m in debt for control of the company plus $100m of new debt.

All going well, the paper will leave protection by the end of this month. Big loser is Avista Capital Partners. It will lose the $530m it paid for the paper in 2006.

Philadelphia Newspapers: Publisher Brian Tierney is fighting off a bid by creditors, who are owed $300m, to take over the group. He wants to give them some $67m in cash and property to settle the debt. They are not biting. Big day in court next week when the judge decides on ground rules for an auction between the two sides.

Sun-Times Media Group (Chicago): A possible white knight has appeared to take the company out of its misery: local businessman Jim Tyree. He has bid just $5m for the group and agreed to assume some $20m in liabilities. Given that the company was valued at around $310m it could turn out to be a good investment, but it ran up a $380m loss last year, and it has a $600m tax bill hanging around its neck.

Freedom Communications (California): It is the newest entrant to protection, having done so last week. Faces $770m debt, but has already done a deal with most of its lenders which would forgive about 58% of that debt, giving the lenders control while the current owners would end up with just 2%.

It seems to me that most of these companies have done well to shed so much debt. But can they generate enough revenue to prosper once they emerge from bankruptcy protection?

Anonymous said...

...I do not think this blog should allow their propaganda to be published here...

Translation: Free speech on this blog should be only for opinions I agree with.

Anonymous said...

Obama can lie about not insuring illegal aliens now, although it is a slight of hand. A legal analyst said that once there is ‘one’ health care plan for everyone, that will include anyone in the USA. There is already a Supreme Court decision that will insure illegal aliens receive health care. They of course have that right already in any hospital emergency room. The Obama plan will give them the full coverage that citizens receive. It will be interesting to see if there are other articles about this legal opinion.

Anonymous said...

A proclaimed conservative blog does not have to accept plant articles from George Soros. There are plenty of liberal blogs for their socialist propaganda. The liberal trolls that come here with garbage like that do not mean to add to the discussion. They well know the conservative leanings here. The trolls come to disrupt the discussion, and play their little games. I think socialism needs to be identified and attacked at every level, and even this blog can be infected with their deceitfulness. Long posts from fringe leftist sites will increase until it is too unpleasant to slog through the topics, just like it was to endure the personal attacks until they were disallowed, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

...There are plenty of liberal blogs for their socialist propaganda....

Translation: I don't want to read anything that I don't already agree with. It's too confusing.

Anonymous said...

///Sweetheart/// 7:24 "Translation” code word.
I slipped a sweet snack into your backpack. Even though there is a Nanny rule against it, I think you are entitled to a little boost of sweetness. It is I, that enjoys the payoff, later.
[Absolute goose bumps already!]

Anonymous said...

Translation: I don't want to read anything that I don't already agree with. It's too confusing.

Translation: I'm a stupid F*&king leftist.

Anonymous said...

...Translation: I'm a stupid F*&king leftist....

Translation: I'm stupid F*&king far-right scum. You can tell because I don't like to read or hear anything I don't already agree with.

Anonymous said...

The truth about unions as Obama works steadily to make them stronger.
Back to School for Bus Hoods

The Village Voice | Tom Robbins
In a different kind of back to school special, a pair of brothers who served as top officials of the union representing city school bus drivers pleaded guilty today to extortion charges in Manhattan federal court. Nick and Paul Maddalone became, respectively, the fourth and fifth high-ranking executives of Local 1181 of the American Transit Workers Union to admit their roles in a long-running scheme to extort payoffs from bus operators in exchange for not enforcing union contract rules. The brothers had been influential union delegates and trustees of the local which was long under the thumb of the Genovese...

Anonymous said...

O'Reilly drew more than 5.1 million viewers on Obama sleep-speech night. That may be an all-time record for a Fox News hour. He only had one airing that night.

Anonymous said...

Hope and Change bumper stickers should be replace by ones that says Despair and Dependency.
Barack Obama's Bumper Sticker Slogan Presidency

Entitlement Syndrome
by Scott Michaels
There was at least one hard truth about the Barack Obama presidency that should have become painfully evident the day after his hoped-for "game changing" address to a joint session of Congress. For sure, it's now a certainty that we're going to be looking at years of government by bumper sticker sloganeering. As if we didn't get enough of such stuff during last year's "historic" campaign (actually, the history of the country has been marked by a ton of dishonest, empty and vapid political campaigns almost exactly like Mr. Obama's), we're now being forced to sit through it all over...

Anonymous said...

Bill O’Reilly showed the Obama shop at the NBC headquarters. Every Obama trinket imaginable is available at NBC. Not that anyone was surprised, because the Obama in-the-tank network has become a joke. I have seen a cartoon of Obama hand feeding the NBC peacock, and it is not really a joke, but it is still funny.

Anonymous said...

(Susan Collins NOW Worried About Porkulus Fraud)

Government nervous about stimulus fraud, scams
Washington Reuters - Lisa Lambert

As billions of dollars from the economic stimulus plan pour through the U.S. economy, members of Congress, the administration and regulatory agencies are increasingly worried about the risks of fraud. Earl Devaney told Congress on Thursday the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board he chairs is investigating those who may have misappropriated stimulus money.
via FreeReplubic

Anonymous said...

Rep. Wilson apologizes, but says won't be muzzled

WBTV - Associated Press
Rep. Joe Wilson has apologized for his outburst during President Barack Obama's health care address, but he's telling supporters he will continue to speak loudly about the issue and "not be muzzled".
Too funny comment by dogcaller:
“it is never rude to point out the turd in the punchbowl.”
The turds are the only ones complaining.

Anonymous said...

Funny must see video via -
Today's Video Giggle:
Obama's Big Ol' Bus
So not P.C. you might want to skip if you are sensitive. Oh, go ahead. You know you want to.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Glenn Beck. By helping force the resignation of Van Jones, you have done a great service to your country. But in the exact opposite way than what you intended.

Your vile and vicious smear campaign has helped reverse one of the worst examples of miscasting since John Wayne took on the role of Genghis Khan in The Conqueror.

Don't get me wrong: Van Jones was the best person for the job he just gave up. But the job was not the best use of Van Jones.

Contrary to the media caricature, the real Van Jones is a thoughtful leader who knows how to use words to move people to action. To stick him behind a desk, working out the details of tax credits for green jobs -- incredibly important though the job is -- was never the best use of his unique and abundant skills.

Complete post:

Anonymous said...

To put O'Reilly's 5.1 million viewers in perspective, the super liberal Letterman only gets about 3.5 million viewers a night. Why these late-night entertainment shows get so much press is beyond me!

Anonymous said...

Wonder what the HuffPo is going to lament now that ACORN is on the ropes. Check out Fox News site - they have yet another ACORN embarrassment on video.

Kevin Gregory said...

The Under My Bus video is great, I'm going to post it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

-- incredibly important though the job is -- was never the best use of his unique and abundant skills.

It never fails to amaze what qualifies as an important job to a communist.

As far as his unique and abundant skills...Pft, I can find a dozen just like him in any Max Custody lock down.

Anonymous said...

10:21 AM Why would you post anything from Huffpo here? We are far beyond reading leftist garbage blogs like that. This is not a far left site, no one is going to read bullshit like that. Go play someplace else. You waste your time and ours.

Anonymous said...

The Nose on Your Face is a humorous conservative satire blog. Check it out for a laugh.
Obama Caves, Demotes Van Jones From Czar To Archduke

Bowing to a growing uproar from conservatives as well as pressure from White House insiders trying to avoid a costly distraction, President Obama today demoted embattled Environmental Czar Van Jones To Environmental Archduke.
“After careful consideration, I have decided that some of Van Jones’ actions do not meet the exacting criteria I have established for the Czar position,” said the President.

More at:

Anonymous said...

NYT reporter disregards warnings and is taken hostage. Brave soldier is killed rescuing the reporter. Bill Keller says this is "simplistic" but that he "understands" the family's need for blaming someone.
Can we get this arrogant prig to say "harrrumph" and "simplistic" in the same sentence. What a clueless, heartless, selfish no-good slime ball! May Keller have nightmares about this good man who laid down his life for the reporter's bad decision.

Anonymous said...

From 8:52...
"Hope and Change bumper stickers should be replace by ones that says Despair and Dependency.
Barack Obama's Bumper Sticker Slogan Presidency"

Other bummer stickers I've seen

"I disliked Obama before it was cool."

"You made One Big A$$ Mistake America"

"It' an Obamanation!"

"Bend over, this is gonna hurt."

"Obama's "Public Option" It's to Die For"

"Fighting Terrorism One Liberal at a Time"

"Confuse a Liberal, use facts!"

A picture of Obama and the words "It's like asking the paperboy to manage the news paper."

"1-20-13 Change we can look forward to."

"Honk if i"m paying your mortgage."

"Dope Won"

"So Far, This Change Sucks"

"Obama 08 Why Steal From Your Neighbors, When You can Vote it Away from Them."

Anonymous said...

...This is not a far left site, no one is going to read bullshit like that...

Translation: This is a far right site, and we don't want to be confused by anything that we don't already agree with.

Anonymous said...

My favorite bumper sticker slogan:

"Fighting Terrorism One Liberal at a Time"


Anonymous said...

Anti-Abortion Activist 'Targeted' in Killing

Will Mike Hendricks be outraged at the inhumanity? Are all baby killers as equally guilty?,2933,549462,00.html?test=latestnews