Sunday, November 1, 2009

Circulation update on McClatchy's newspapers in Washington

McClatchy has four newspapers in Washington. Here are the latest M-F numbers for the Washington papers:

Bellingham Herald
daily 3/31/09: 20,785
daily 9/30/09: 19,277
total loss in past 6 months: 1,508 (-7.3%)
(daily is Mon-Sat)

The Olympian
daily 3/31/09: 29,417
daily 9/30/09: 27,023
total lost in past 6 months: 2,394 (-8.1)

The News Tribune (Tacoma)
daily 3/31/09: 102,200
daily 9/30/09: 90,546
total loss in past 6 months: 11,654 (-11.4)

Tri-City Herald
daily 3/31/09: 39,255
daily 9/30/09: 36,642
total loss in past 6 months: 2,613 (-6.7%)

I already posted results for some of these papers, but seeing the numbers side-by-side will be interesting for some readers.



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Anonymous said...

Dave Zeek says its all a mirage, its all because of those middle eastern customer service people, everything this fine, the future is bright, no need to worry, and have you taken that furlow yet, take it soon so we dont need to lay off quite so many of you next time, have a cookie, and dont tell McClatchy Watch any of this.