Sunday, September 21, 2008

More ink problems at the Sacramento Bee

Here is more documentation of the ink problems that plague the Sacramento Bee. Below is a picture of page A14. The green and blue colors are from an ad on the opposite page.
Below I folded back-to-back pages together so you could see the ghosting. On the left side of the picture you see a gray star (on page A12) caused by the dark star on the opposite page (A13).
In the picture below, the colors in the photo (page A22) left a faint image on the opposite page (A23).

Last is a picture from the last page in the front section (A24). The discoloration comes from an image on the front page of the next section.
Seems like a big quality control issue.

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Anonymous said...

Set-off and showthrough problems are due mainly to high total ink coverage, nib and press blanket optimization, and the new trend in lightweight de-inked pulp ( recycled ) newsprint.

In other words, no quality control, poor press maintenance, and thin cheap newsprint.

Advertisers will just love to pay for this cut-back.

Anonymous said...

A preview of what is to come for the Modesto Bee. Modesto Bee has lost ALL quality control over their printed product!!! They WILL lose advertisers!

Anonymous said...

The Modesto Bee is flexographic press, while the Sacramento Bee is offset. The ink set-ups are very different.

Since the knowledge people have all be culled, expect far worst inking problems when the Sac-A-Mod Bee rolls off the presses.