Monday, October 6, 2008

McClatchy editor says conservative-leaning cartoon won't get dropped after all

The hand-wringing is over -- McClatchy's News & Observer has declared conservative-leaning cartoon Mallard Fillmore can stay at the N&O.

The N&O had been bombarded with complaints from Obama supporters who were upset that the Mallard Fillmore cartoon had been bashing Barack Obama. The newspaper had been undergoing a weeks-long "review" about whether to move the cartoon to the editorial page or dump it. The N&O's public editor Ted Vaden weighed in several weeks ago, and recommended the paper cancel Mallard Fillmore altogether. (How's that for a ringing endorsement of free speech?)

John Drescher's announcement that Mallard Fillmore will stay on the N&O cartoon page came Saturday. (But don't get exited that the N&O took a principled stand for free speech -- Drescher says the decision to keep Mallard Fillmore was based on a survey that showed Mallard Fillmore was one of the most popular comic strips among subscribers.)

Just for fun, below is a Mallard Fillmore cartoon that ran last week. (Click to enlarge.)

Hat tip: Gearino




Anonymous said...

If they dropped Mallard, they'd have to drop Doonesbury as well, just out of fairness. (Unlike Mallard, though, Doones makes a lot of unsubstantiated allegations.)

Anonymous said...

They ought to cancel it because it's stupid and poorly drawn, not because it's conservative. For a smart conservative cartoonist check out Scott Stantis.

Mallard is a bad advertisement for us, particularly when compared with Doonsebury. Two different leagues.

McClatchy Watch said...

Anon 10:00 -- Mallard Fillmore has alot of passionate fans who don't see it as "stupid and poorly drawn."

Anonymous said...

Yes, those people are actually quite stupid. They need a firm, guiding hand to point them toward the finer things in life.

Think William Buckley would have laughed at Mallard Fillmore? The great thing about conservatism is its fine disregard for the hoi polloi. What we have now is more of a boobocracy.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, yes.

Lots of people like Obama -- more than do McCain. Does that mean we should all vote for Obama?

The whole conservative movement is taking on trashy mainstream values. Who would have thought 20 years ago that we would be embracing a woman for vice president who leaves her children to work outside the house? And you can see the result -- a pregnant teenage daughter.

Conservatism has principles. It should stick to them.

Moody Deep Thinker said...

Never met a liberal yet that wasn't a blatant elitist. I have met quite a few, and for some reason our friendships don't last. usually it goes along the lines of I listen tot hem blather on and on about their liberal biases, and when they are done I don't agree so they say harrumph and go look for somebody that agrees with them. Usually another elitist. Me, I'm just a common, college educated, combat veteran who has no debt, a car that is paid for and a good grasp of history.

And I love Mallard Fillmore because he says what you daft twits can't bear to hear. The emperor, the chosen one, the master socialist has no clothes.

Anonymous said...

I think your "past" friends are lucky to be rid of you and your conservative ideas. Just look how well the country has done with them. Broke, broke, broke and hate hate and more hate. Can't wait until next Tuesday when we turn the page.

Oh, don't forget to watch our 44th President Wednesday night.