Monday, October 27, 2008

Ruh roh!... Sacramento Bee circulation falls by 15,500 in the past 6 months (updated)

The Sacramento Bee has lost 15,500 subscribers in the past 6 months, according to figures released by The Audit Bureau of Circulations. Here are the numbers:

Bee circulation as of 3/31/08: 268,755
Bee circulation as of 9/30/08: 253,249

That is a drop of 15,500 subscribers in just 6 months.

The loss is accelerating rapidly. Just a few days ago I noted the Bee lost 10,277 subscribers in the 12-month period from 3/31/07 to 3/31/08 -- nearly a thousand a month. The numbers released today show the Bee has lost 15,500, well over two thousand five hundred a month, over the past 6 months.

And when the Bee raises its price in January - more subscribers will bail out. Can insolvency be far behind?

UPDATE: Fitz and Jen say the Bee actually gained readers when online is factored in: "Daily was down 4.2% to 253,249. Its net combined audience? Up 3.1% to 1,254,391." I'd like to see the revenue figures for online -- how many web site hits does it take to make up for the loss of thousands of subscribers?
Sacramento Bee's circulation is hemorrhaging
Sacramento Bee circulation falls 3.7% over the past six months


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the traditional ad rate price hike that comes every year. It's going to take a great spin to raise ad rates, while audience drops off.

Dave D. said...

...I visit the SacBee web site, but I wouldn't, and haven't, bought any products from the ads there. I've never clicked one to read it, either. I wonder how many sales come from web readers? The net encourages folks to be choosy and fast. Click in, scan for something interesting and click to another favorite site to see what's interesting there. I detest popups/unders and will never buy what's advertised there. Netflex, suckahotchee. The Economist mag, go to a hot place. I wonder if their editors/owners know how deeply most folks feel about their ads. Prolly not.

Anonymous said...

Serves the dirty rotten SOB's right. Any word on the Modesto Bee circulation since the Sacramento Bee began mutilating it? I haven't seen the Sacto Bee web site but if it is anything like the it is too busy...AND I HATE THAT STUPID MORON JUMPING UP AND DOWN YELLING TO BUY HIS STUPID RV's !!!

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering why it is that almost all McClatchy employee's have been offered a buyout why they don't leave if their so unhappy? Put you money where your mouth is. Next time take the buyout and it appears you will be happier. I did and it is greener on the other side.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is greener! Especially when they hand you that severance check! Too many folks are scared of quitting because of the economy and lack of jobs. I know of at least two or three married couples who BOTH work at a McClatchy paper and they are afraid both of getting laid off or taking the buyout as the job hire rate around here is VERY poor...Central valley has the worst housing slump, worst foreclosure rate, worst jobless rate etc. McClatchy just threw gas on the fire by laying off all the workers in Modesto along with the rest of their papers...

Anonymous said...

Good Luck 10:33.