Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Source: The Olympian to shut down 2 publications -- "Best Bets" and "Your Health" to end before 2009

A source informs me that The Olympian newspaper in Washington is closing down 2 of the newspaper's special publications before the end of the year -- "Best Bets" will not be published beyond November, and "Your Health" will end with its December issue.

Best Bets is a small magazine for residents and visitors that highlights special events in the area. Your Health, which was originally known as Washington Health, was distributed largely to doctor's offices.

Both publications have been losing advertisers at a pretty fast pace, and neither has been making a profit for some time, according to the source. Most likely the end dates were chosen based on contracts with the few advertisers who had still been advertising
The Olympian has a health-oriented web magazine, Health Home; no word on how successful it is.
The Olympian to be printed at Tacoma site, 8 positions to be eliminated (updated and bumped)
Report: paid subscriptions at The Olympian are dropping -- down 1,000 over the past year
The Olympian to cut 4, no involuntary layoffs

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