Monday, November 24, 2008

Tough times at the Kansas City Star -- veteran reporter now covering mall PR events

From Bottom Line Communications:
How tough are things at the Kansas City Star these days? So tough that national TV critic Aaron Barnhart has been relegated to covering the arrival of the "Fairy Princess" to Zona Rosa shopping Center (LINK).

He was also called on to write a recent KCSymphony story. Is a Quick Trip groundbreaking on the horizon?

If that isn't bad enough, Barnhart actually had his name on the Fairy story. It's the kind of story that would normally be covered by a journalism intern--or no one at all.

Zona Rosa is an important Star advertiser and that may have led to the assignment of a veteran journalist. Barnhart is philosophical about the hard-hitting assignments.

"Yes, in these economically challenging times (as the higher-ups keep calling it), we're all pitching in at the paper," he wrote on his TV Barn site.

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Anonymous said...

Serves him right. Once he prostituted himself out for Obama love editorials, there went his specialty creds. Now he can do mall events and used car commercials.

TheBronze said...

Have you mentioned that the SacBee has resorted to writing about the weekly Superior Court schedule?

They're so over...