Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Looks like McClatchy cartoonist Lee Judge gets his "news" from left wing blogs

What's wrong with McClatchy's cartoonists? The Kansas City Star published a cartoon by Lee Judge this week, making a joke about Ann Coulter's jaw being wired shut. The news about Coulter's jaw came from left wing blogs who reported a few weeks ago that Coulter's jaw was broken and would be wired shut for a few weeks. Predictably, left wingers squealed with delight. Were the reports true? Liberal blog Crooks and Liars says the rumors were groundless. Coulter appeared on Hannity and Colmes Monday and seemed fine. I don't know the real story of Coulter's jaw -- but geez, Judge's cartoon is just not funny. In fact it seems twisted.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like a graphic example of exactly where McClatchy gets their "news". So much for all that hard work, sourcing, and expensive capital outlay that code pink fanboy keeps harping on.