Saturday, December 13, 2008

Long term Star-Telegram subscriber gets fed up, blogs his cancellation

A long-term Star-Telegram subscriber recently cancelled his subscription over customer service issues involving billing.
My final straw with the Star-Telegram came when I got the bill for November. On the bill the carrier had highlighted via asterisks, "Remember, Star-Telegram distributors are independent contractors in business for themselves and have paid for the newspapers delivered to you." And, "If your subscription is paid, please disregard this statement. Thank you."

Well. The implication is that I'd been late paying for the paper. One thing I'm never late paying for is the paper. I well remember what a pain it was to collect when I was a paper boy.

In addition to highlighting the 2 items I already mentioned, the carrier billed me, ahead, for December, making the total bill $35.00.

Now, I think I know the reason the carrier may think I don't pay on time. The check is made out to the Star-Telegram and mailed to the Star-Telegram. Not the carrier.

Each month the check written to the Star-Telegram does not clear my bank account til about the middle of the month. I'm guessing that the carrier is paid after that. Why the Star-Telegram sits on the check for so long, I've no idea.

I also think the carrier may be strapped for Christmas money. Last January on the second day of the New Year, she called me, saying she was "clearing her year end books", whatever that means, and she wanted to know if I'd sent in my payment for December. Yes, I told her, it was mailed 4 days ago. I found that phone call so annoying I almost cancelled then.

On Friday I emailed Customer Service at the Star-Telegram, basically telling them the same thing I've said above and telling them I'm cancelling my subscription. I included the scanned image of the bill that was my final Star-Telegram straw. That's the bill below. I did not hear back from the Star-Telegram. This morning it was no huge surprise to find a newspaper outside my door. So, I just now called up and cancelled, again. I didn't get the satisfaction of explaining why I cancelled, because the Customer Service person didn't ask and didn't much seem to care that they'd lost a long time subscriber.
The reasons this guy cancelled his subscription at first seem trivial. But that is the way it works when a newspaper breaks faith with subscribers -- the smallest offenses can become "the final straw."


Anonymous said...

They don't care...That's the McClacthy way.
They don't care at The KC Star either. They have that slime ball Derek Donovan "The Reader's Rep." to tell you that.

Anonymous said...

I left the FWST months ago during one of the staff reductions in mid year. The newspaper was paid from my paycheck automatically, so I called to try and get it changed and pay for a year in advance. Three times I called and left messages and I still have not gotten a reply so that is that - I tried.

BTW - I'm still getting the paper - for free.

When they do catch on, I doubt I will continue. The paper is nothing but wire, which I can get for free on the Internet. And this content sharing with the DMN - no thanks. If I want the DMN, I'll buy it - I don't need them making my decisions. Sad situation - nothing but panic.

Last month I finally got a new job and can see what many others have said about life being better away from the newspaper business.

Anonymous said...

i understand the cust, but understand also because of mcclacthy they are now down to 2 people in customer service from i think he should be blaming mcclacthy for that...theres only one to blame...seriously how can you give customer service when everything is being outsourced