Saturday, December 13, 2008

Modesto Bee site now requiring registration before readers can view web site? -- update: now working

Last night I tried accessing the Modesto Bee web site -- I was blocked from reading any articles on the site unless I registered. That is major league stupidity.
UPDATE: just tried again, was able to read articles without registering. Maybe the site was down for maintentance.


Anonymous said...

Damn, even the NY Slimes found out that was dumb.

Anonymous said...

ONLY McClatchy knows how to cut their own throat.

Maybe their going to sell email addresses.

Detroit daily newspapers are suppose to announce next week. Home Delivered newspapers only on Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Anonymous said...

The cutback on home delivery in Detroit has less to do with the economy than it does with the fact that there aren't that many people left in Detroit that can read.

Anonymous said...

You are incorrect that "even the NY Slimes" found out that was dumb.

The New York Times, at one time, was charging for select content but ended that experiment after several months.

The Times, as do most media sites and every McClatchy site, requires registration by users after they pass a certain threshold in viewership. That threshold is generally determined by the number of page views by a user on the site in a predetermined time period.

That allows the site to collect minimal demographic information on its users and to ban a user who might be abusive when commenting on articles or participating on discussion boards.

Anonymous said...

OH you can still access the web site. I think you can also post comments on their stories, but watch what you post as you will get black listed if you tell the truth about McClatchy. I know, they wouldn't let me post for 2 weeks last time I exposed their wicked ways...Then the assistant publisher (or president of hog wash or whatever he is called) Mark Vasche has the gall to personally call me to find out why I canceled the Bee (he had to leave a message, I'll get back to him later...maybe).

Archer05 said...

Anonymous said... “president of hog wash”
Good one, cleaver Anons. here.