Friday, December 26, 2008

McClatchy commentary proclaims Kwanzaa "more relevant than ever," fails to tell readers Kwanzaa has all but died out (updated)

McClatchy has published a commentary on Kwanzaa by left-winger Starita Smith. She wants you to think Kwanzaa is "more relevant than ever."

The seven-day Afrocentric holiday from Dec. 26 through Jan. 1 is a period of rededication to basic principles we can all embrace. Some are especially relevant for surviving a deep recession.

Kwanzaa has arrived in another sense: It has become accepted.

Even though the holiday was controversial in its beginnings because it was viewed as a challenge to Christmas, it has taken on a life of its own. Nowadays it is considered a secular holiday celebrated by people of all religious faiths or no faith at all.

Proof of its maturing as a holiday is the commercialism that has grown up around it. When you can buy holiday cards, order holiday merchandise on scads of online Web sites, meet young adults who were raised with family celebrations and find it on most calendars, the event is a real holiday.

But Smith herself admits its beginnings were "contrived."

I have to confess I never felt totally enthusiastic about Kwanzaa because it seemed so contrived and because Karenga seemed intent on creating a cult of personality...
Credit to Smith for admitting Kwanzaa's beginnings were phony. But other than little Unitarian churches or left-wing nationalist groups, does anybody celebrate Kwanzaa? I don't see it. I skimmed the Sacramento Bee today and didn't see anything on Kwanzaa. It might have been there; I just didn't see it. Just a few years ago, the Bee had a black columnist who wrote columns about Kwanzaa every year. As I remember it, around Christmas the Bee would give a prominent place to her Kwanzaa columns. But she has retired and the Bee hasn't had the heart or motivation to devote space to Kwanzaa. So if The Bee has given up on Kwanzaa, how alive can it really be?

The liberals in West Hollywood seem to have abandoned Kwanzaa, too. Michael Moyhihan paid a visit to a Hallmark store in West Hollywood and found plenty of Christmas cards and Chanukah items - but no Kwanzaa cards.
UPDATE: From comments, maybe we need to put Kwanzaa to work!
"The universal principles of Kwanzaa will help solve the California State Budget Crisis"




Black Agriculture said...

Kwanzaa is certainly alive and more vibrant than ever.

Today's Annual California State Capitol Kwanzaa Celebration, Room 126, Noon-4:00 p.m. hosted by the California Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association was well attended.

Guests from China, Alaska, Peru, El Salvador, South Carolina, Nigeria, Ethiopia and elders of all stripes were exposed to Kwaznaa.

The universal principles of Kwanzaa will help solve the California State Budget Crisis.

Our "California Grown" holiday is now global, do not fear what you refuse to learn about.

Kwanzaa is our President Elect, the best of American and Africa.

We hold these truths to be self evident...


McClatchy Watch said...

Black Agriculture -- Kwanzaa doesn't seem to make it with Americans who show up voluntarily.

(I notice your attendees were imported from foreign countries.)

Also, I'm guessing you didn't have to reserve a large venue at the Convention Center.

blackagriculture said...

The reservation is in our White House with Barack and Michelle Obama, President, First Lady and family.

President Bush has each and every year of his stay embraced Kwanzaa.

If you read Proverbs 3:9 maybe you to will embrace our first fruits celebrations.

It is time to embrace change and the values and beliefs upon which our great nation was founded.

We have no problem with you being our and fully embracing our God given humanity.

Be well and enjoy the rest of the Kwanzaa celebrations, it has just begun, globally.

Archer05 said...

On the web comments:

"On Kwanzaa -There should be an equivalent holiday called "Blonza." For Blondes only."

Archer05 said...

On Kwanzaa-
A blogger advises:
“Look up ‘Ronald McKinley Everett’ on any search engine, and you will find out all you need to know.” A Newsmax archive will get you started.

Anonymous said...

Kwanzaa is one big yawn.

Anonymous said...

Learn About Kwanzaa here

Anonymous said...

The morons don't even have a clue that the world has caught on, and their scam is exposed.

Anonymous said...

What about Festivus (for the rest of us)!

Black Agriculture said...

as the soil warms and seeds germinate our first fruits in the northern hemisphere will happen at the African New Year.

See "down under" or south of the equator the first fruits of summer happen in our winter...

o.k. well, the crops have not died out nor has the stars stop sharing when to plant which crop...


Imagine President Obama's extended family whom are Kenyan see the life of a harvest season from nature.

In the spirit of Queen Califia, let the next cycle begin