Saturday, December 27, 2008

Miami Herald goofs up obituary of former CEO and chairman of Knight Ridder

How embarrassing to mess up the obituary of the guy who was president of the Miami Herald, and later CEO and chairman of Knight Ridder, the Herald's corporate parent. From the Miami Herald corrections page:
"The obituary of former Knight Ridder Chairman and CEO Alvah Chapman published Friday contained several errors...."
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Anonymous said...

The Miami Herald gaffe made me think of this:
“The wheel is still turning, but the hamster is dead.”

McClatchy Watch said...

The hampster is dead. And the fact checkers and proofreaders are gone.

Anonymous said...

It's all part of Howard Weaver's vision that cost reductions will keep MNI profitable for years.

Anonymous said...

Note to McClatchy employees: Your current panic situation is brought to you courtesy of your ‘Ostrich Management,’ with their continuing focus on killing trees, and wasting ink.