Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kansas City Star columnist writes revolting column raising spectre of Obama assassination

Kansas City Star columnist Yael Abouhalkah has written one of the most revolting columns of the year, raising the spectre of a possible assassination of Barack Obama. Here is the first paragraph:
With his swearing in today, Vice President Joe Biden also becomes a president in waiting -- ready to serve if Barack Obama is assassinated or dies in office. It's a sobering thought for all Americans.
Isn't that beautiful. According to Bottom Line Communications, blogger Tony at Tony's Kansas City calls it "one of the most distasteful and morbid posts I've ever seen from a reporter at a major Daily Newspaper regarding the potential death of the president." (Looking for link.)
Hat tip: Bottom Line Communications


Anonymous said...

It seems this guy started posting really batshit crazy stuff immediately following Duiguid's famous self immolation. Maybe he sees it as key to success? Or maybe someone saw how far the hit count dropped and figured they needed to say something stupid so their alleged publisher didn't have to report the 50% loss in readership numbers that they fraudulently claim.

Anonymous said...

Yael Abouhalkah is a far-left nutcase. I've had the misfortune to read some of his stuff before.

Anonymous said...

If hillary can do it, why not a moonbat muzzie?

Anonymous said...

No mention that the Democrats have ruled congress for two years - Bush bashing was his favorite sport, what now?

One trusty liberal columnist here.

Arab-American, Yael T. Abouhalkah

“Still, Obama hasn't yet made gun legislation one of his top priorities. He probably won't in the near future, either. He faces big obstacles in reviving the U.S. economy, which has tanked under an incompetent president, George Bush.”

Anonymous said...

Another elitist blathering off his mouth - He toes the liberal line, you can count on the Kool-Aid drinker/writer.
Joe the Plumber's ignorant thoughts
By Yael T. Abouhalkah, Kansas City Star Editorial Page columnist

Joe Wurzelbacher, aka "Joe the Plumber," favors ignorance over knowledge. And he's not afraid to foolishly say so.
Wurzelbacher is in Israel reporting for a conservative (surprise) media outlet called

Anonymous said...

Here is the link, if you still need it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

-Kansas City Star Columnist Abouhalkah considers Obama Assassination today!!!-

Here's hoping Obama's future is a lot brighter than the death rattle we're currently hearing from the Dead Tree Media