Thursday, January 22, 2009

McClatchy quotes petty partisan who accuses GOP of "petty partisanship"

McClatchy pro-Obama flack David Lightman wrote a piece yesterday on GOP objections to the nomination of Eric Holder for Attorney General. This sentence caught my attention:
Kathryn Kolbert, the president of the left-leaning People For the American Way, however, said she was disappointed by the news and accused Republicans of "petty partisanship."

Kathryn Kolbert is a hyper-partisan attack dog on Republicans -- Lightman knows this, because he quotes her all the time when he needs a source to slam Republicans. She recently called mainstream evangelical pastor Rick Warren a "demagogue" -- how's that for petty.

Update: typo fixed, thanks to those who pointed it out.



Anonymous said...

Sure, just because he advised in favor of releasing convicted terrorists in exchange for support, kicked in the doors and kidnapped a little boy for his friend Fidel, and let the principals off scott free after admitting that they knowingly and willingly aided a terrorist's just petty partisanship.

Is this bitch for real?

Anonymous said...

I have an answer...MNI trading at 71 cents as we "speak"

george said...

well, in all fairness, rick warren is a demagogue of the worst sort. exploiting the fears of the people and getting filthy rich, all in the name of jesus. still, i share your disgust with mcclatchy.

Anonymous said...

rick warren is a demagogue of the worst sort.

Rick Warren is evil, but Rev. Wright is an angel.

Left-nutso logic at its best.

Anonymous said...

I actually know very little about Rick Warren, but it appears that he preaches his faith, and people believe in his message. Like the Pope, or leaders of any faith, I respect their right to practice their religion as they wish. That Warren is successful does not create disrespect in my opinion. He can hold his views about gay marriage, or whatever the leftists were screeching about. It is the intolerance of 'some’ factions, deciding what is intolerant for all of us, that alerts me to intolerance.

Anonymous said...

MNI is now at .78 with massive 30k share volume.

It's a moral MNI victory! Their secret plan is taking hold!

Snowed In said...

I know who Eric Holder is...who's David Holder?