Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mark Vasche to address ink problems at the Modesto Bee

Looks like Modesto Editor Mark Vasche will have something to say Sunday about the ink problems plaguing the Modesto Bee. Or at least that how I interpret this comment on the Modesto Bee's "Bee Hive" blog.
I emailed Modesto Bee Editor Mark Vasche...
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Anonymous said...

This will be intresting.....Vasche doesn't know one thing in regards to "ink problems"or printing. He's an editor not a pressman. He will sugar coat the whole situation and write what he is told to say, without admitting that the McClatchy Co. made a big mistake in moving the production from Modesto which had a great quality producing,award winning press. Quality is suffering and the paper is late. Sound off Bee Readers!!!

Anonymous said...

Not a award winning press it was a award winning CREW. and if they admitted there mistake they could get most of them back and put out a award winning paper the next day.

McClatchy Watch said...

Mark Vasche had lots of promises 3 weeks ago when he previewed coming changes at the Mod Bee on 9/21:

Will be interesting to see what he says.

Anonymous said...

Only the crew at the Modesto Bee really knows how many times the press has been stopped to correct an error...hundreds of times over the last 20 years. Many times it was us...the pressmen that caught the errors and were able to have them fixed before it went to the public. We were not hired as proofreaders, but we assumed that responsibility and had things fixed. There were times when things slipped past but the times things didn't get by us...
And yes it was THE PRESS CREW that made the flexo press sing and win awards.
Thursdays were tour days and this is what the tour groups looked forward to seeing...the big blue machine cranking out papers at an incredible rate. The kids loved to hear the printing units and folder hammer away printing an award winning product...but now the press is silent and the kids don't get the thrill of seeing the big blue machine pounding away.