Friday, October 3, 2008

Time for Howard Weaver to man up (bumped again)

Howard Weaver, VP of News at McClatchy, has a talent for correcting published mistakes --but not when the mistake is published by McClatchy.

I witnessed Howard in action on Tuesday. After my incorrect post claiming a former McClatchy employee had made political contributions while working at McClatchy, I got a quick comment from Howard Weaver informing me the allegation was wrong. (You can read Howard Weaver's comment here.) He demanded action.

Now, Howard's beef about my post was on target. I appreciate him bringing the mistake to my attention. I was able to address my error faster -- make the correction, apologize to the offended party, and do penance.

But it's odd Howard -- VP for News --was lightning-fast to correct a false statement about a former McClatchy employee, but hasn't done squat to correct false statements published by McClatchy. You'd think the VP for News would want to correct errors published in his news division.
As of Wednesday morning factual errors written by two McClatchy reporters are still uncorrected. My first post on McClatchy's lie about McCain is here, the second post is here. with more evidence here. And the McClatchy reporters still haven't bothered to respond to an email I sent them 3 days ago informing them of the error.
Howard, time for you to man up. (Photo credit: McClatchy)
UPDATE: I have to say, it's is astonishing how many McClatchy executives take every opportunity to make themselves look like fools.

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Anonymous said...

He's probably busy shredding his McClatchy stock certificates to use as additional attic insulation.

Works great and has a good R value. At least that is the best use until they print them on 2 ply.