Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Outed!... liberal McClatchy employee leaves snide comment on blog

After blogger Doug Ross posted a non-partisan item on the bailout and the state of the economy Tuesday, he noticed a snide anti-GOP remark in the comments section. Take a look at the comment below.

Thinking this was a strange partisan comment on a non-partisan post on the economy, Doug did some checking. A little research showed the comment was left by somebody using a computer at McClatchy's Kansas City Star newspaper. (See below.)

Not a big surprise -- the KC Star has a reputation for left-wing reporting. As to who left the comment, Doug speculates it was partisan journalist Steve Kraske, based on the condescension level. Of course I don't know; there are alot of possible suspects.
In fact, it could even have been this guy.


Anonymous said...

Vintage KC Star. Today they introduce a minor change in their layout (calling it a re-design) and low & behold, the only story link that is not working is the story about Obama refusing to provide proof he is a citizen.

Anonymous said...

Should be an interesting day at RATS.
They just keep giving don't they?

Archer05 said...

No doubt a better journalist lost their job while this snarky squawker remained. What to do on a sinking ship? The KC Scar finally has a SOS plan. The Rats take all the lifeboats.

Dave D. said...

...McClatchy Journalists : Insignificant wretches who have taken the noble profession of journalism and reduced it to the baseness of a guileful, snotty heckler. Who dare....DARE pretend to own the truth as if it were their sole possession.

Anonymous said...

We hear the gnashing of teeth from journalists about "how we just CAN'T provide stories with staff cuts and impossible deadlines"

If reporters have time on their hands to troll blogs, perhaps more dead wood needs to be tossed.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be so interested in finding out who everyone is, who the heck are you?